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Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature fingerprint reader–NOT iris scanner

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It looks like the world isn’t quite ready for an iris scanner in a smartphone. According to reports, Samsung has dropped the rumored iris scanner from its future Galaxy S5 flagship, opting instead for a fingerprint reader. This is probably for the best–we don’t want another half-finished feature from Samsung.

Apparently the iris scanner is too thick to use in the next flagship. It’s a new technology, so setbacks are expected. Luckily, Samsung seems to be smart enough to move away from this feature rather than try to shoehorn it in. Instead, the company will include a fingerprint reader. And in a very interesting way.

The fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5 will supposedly be inside the display itself, instead of a separate part of the body like most implementations. That’s actually pretty brilliant, if it’s done well. It’ll be both useful and intuitive. We can’t wait to see if this rumor pans out, because this would be only the second time a fingerprint scanner has been put in a decent spot. What do you think of a fingerprint scanner in the display itself? Leave a comment!

Via: Brief Mobile

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  • jason h

    As long as its optional its all good with me.

    • Secretary of State

      NSA doesnt want it to be optional. They want your finger prints at all costs. So, nope!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Just like I have always said it’s Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period.

      • squiddy20

        …Because, according to the rumors, they scrap their iris scanner plans (which would be truly unique) and instead do what everyone else is already doing, or has done for years (*cough Motorola Atrix cough cough*)?

      • Orion78

        Yeah you’re right. You always say the same crap.

      • Ianto

        Everything beats Samsung. Samsung sucks. Hardware sucks. Software sucks.

  • Yohan S

    Brilliant. Building a finger print scanner in the display itself is a superb idea.

  • CTown

    Does that mean any app could obtain the user’s feature prints. I wonder how security will be done over this.

  • Cookie

    jesus, so not using that feature, doesn’t matter Samsung is korean. My fingerprint, mine.

  • SGB101

    I’ve not used iPhones figure scanner, but heard mixed reactions.

    However, if it works 100% or close another to, I’d want to be able to use it with two things, Google password, mine is sill hard to enter these days, ‘security over ease of use people’ and last pass, if I could use it on last pass, I’d be tempted to buy it just for that, even tho I’ve swore of touch wiz and Samsung in the past, I’d live with both just for that function alone. I think!

  • Louie

    And not butt cheek hair identifier either. Nice reporting.

  • E-man

    This seems like it would be a great feature, especially if implemented within the display itself. I’m sure that’s also useful for Samsung, if it avoids any type of patent that Apple may have. Certainly, Samsung will want no further law suits or to pay any more in fines.

  • Kifel Jatt

    I don’t like this concept. Its a well known fact that Samsung is better than Apple, but by implementing a finger print scanner into the s5 apple fans will have something to fight back with.

  • xaml

    It’s not a half-finished Samsung feature if manufacturers of such eye-scanning modules are unable to comply with the device’s designated dimensions. Now, if the module’s dimensions were known, one could draw conclusions regarding the device’s (assumingly slim) dimensions.
    Integrating the fingerprint scanner somewhere in between the display and the digitiser seems great and like a speedy alternative to alphanumerical lock screens or awkward face unlock implementations.

  • kuddus

    Future Galaxy S5 flagship is vital for Samsumg in smartphone market.
    I’m still waiting….

  • donger

    Let’s see what else Samsung will do with it.

  • John

    As long as I’m able to turn it off :) I do think that a fingerprint sensor is easier to use then an iris senor on the galaxy s5. For instance when you’re in bed, trying to sleep but want to check your phone

  • Sam

    Do you see any possibility for the Galaxy S6 to have an iris scanner and fingerprintscanner (instead of hartrate monitor)?