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Samsung’s refreshed UI leaks again, this time with more info cards


Remember that refreshed user interface that Samsung is rumored to be testing? Well it’s back again, leaking out in a new pair of images that give us a closer look at the HTC BlinkFeed/Google Now-like stream of cards that we first caught a glimpse of earlier this month.

The images, posted by @evleaks, show a variety of small cards with images and information related to many different topics. We can see the same sports and distance ran cards from the last leak in addition to new cards that show weather, a restaurant reservation, a delayed flight and a message from a friend.

While this refreshed Samsung user interface presents a lot of the same information that users can already get from Google Now, Samsung’s feed presents the info with actual images of things like a baseball player and restaurant that some users could find more visually appealing. It remains to be seen whether or not this UI will actually make it to market, but I could definitely see Samsung wanting to incorporate its own Google Now-style stream of information cards into TouchWiz, which could get users more attached to its special Android overlay.

What do you think of Samsung’s Google Now-like feed of personal info cards?

Source: @evleaks

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  • Agret

    Hard to tell as there’s no way to enlarge the story images from your mobile site (kind of a fail for an android blog) but from the thumbnails it looks pretty awesome. The important thing is how relevant the information it presents to you is, Google Now is great at adapting to your schedules and knowing when to display which cards.

  • famoso jorden

    I neither use now nor blink feed. Why? The useability for Google Now is very low outside the US + the information is really vague for bike-driving, the weather too unacurate. Blink Feed looks nice, but I like to decide on my own what to see on my homescreen > feedly-widget does the thing for me and can be installed on every device.

    Trying to see it from another perspective I don’t see how it’s more useful than google now. People using now will maybe you this instead. But the real problem is Samsung “copying” Google products (as much copying as LG copying from Samsung…) and implementing them on their phones ruining Googles business-modell for smartphones on long-term as they kick those apps from their phones.

    Maybe some people say: It’s their right to do that, and yes it is, but Android works because of Google implementing Apps on it. If you dont want them, just delete them, but dont delete them before people have the choice to delete them themselves. I know it’s all about the money, which really pi**es me off. Why do rich companies need to get even more money by damaging others?! No, Im not defending Google here, but seeing Android dying in Samsungs Hands (could happen with tizen) will damage all other smartphone companies who STILL try to compete (I like competition, keeps things fresh).

    • domi1k

      Tizen is a lot of blabla…
      I fear Mozilla OS more

  • donger

    Not too shabby.