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Sony to update Xperia T, TX, V and SP to Android 4.3 starting in late Jan., early Feb.

Sony Jelly Bean

Late last year, Sony promised that a number of its Xperia smartphones would be updated to Android 4.3. The only problem was that it didn’t really elaborate on when those updates might begin arriving. Sony is apparently feeling a bit more chatty now, though, because it has revealed that a quartet of Xperia handsets will be bumped up to 4.3 in the very near future.

Sony recently took to its official @SonyMobileNews Twitter account to announce that the Xperia T, TX, V and SP will all begin receiving their updates to Android 4.3 in late January or early February. The company says that it’s currently in the process of making “final preps” for the impending updates.

As is usually the case with software updates, the actual timing and availability of these updates are likely to vary by carrier and market. Still, it’s good to hear that Sony is still working hard on updating its Xperia lineup to newer versions of Android, especially when it comes to some of the older models that some folks may have forgotten about. If you’ve got an Xperia T, TX, V or SP that you call your daily driver, be sure to keep an eye out for an update notification toward the end of this month.

Source: @SonyMobileNews

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    Jelly Bean.

  • Sagar

    do we have update version of Android for Sony xperia-e???

  • abilash

    Wt abt for Xperia L..?

  • Ali Umair

    What about Sony Xperia S LT26i ?

  • SleepingWitheSirens

    god im waiting for t-mobile update my android to 4.3 why cant they do something? i have sony xperia Z & of course it’s T-mobile & of course it sucks like I want to smash this damn phone I hate the icons and home screen. please do something oh I mean do your job :) work work work t-mobile we pay a lot of money and please make it worth it.

  • shahrin

    Waiting 4.3 jb for xperia tx,, plz hurry