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The Moto X has a hidden LED under the earpiece, but you need root to use it

Moto X LED

The Moto X has an incredibly innovative feature called Active Display, which shows notifications using the AMOLED display and an orb in the center of the screen. This amazing feature is better than any notification LED, at least in my opinion. But a Moto X owner recently found an LED hidden on the Moto X. It was under the earpiece this whole time.

This LED is used to signify that the battery is so dead, that there isn’t enough energy to even turn on the screen and show the dead battery icon. Getting your phone that drained is unlikely, so most of us may never see this warning.

However, the brilliant folks at XDA have figured out how to use this LED. Unfortunately, this procedure does require both root and Tasker, so unrooted folks won’t be able to get that LED lit for their own purposes. But if you’re rooted and want to mess around with Tasker for a while, this is an awesome project. Watch the video for some instructions and tell us if you’re going to give this a go yourself! And tell us, do you prefer Active Display or a notification LED?

Via: Droid-Life

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  • w9jds

    I was reading about this the other day on xda. Might have to give this a try because that led looks freaking awesome!

  • Vinzo

    Motorola still fxxked me up with their MOTOACTV, Facebook and Twitter not syncing via Android phone.

  • Alex

    Unfortunately, most of the websites are reporting it wrong, the green LED does not, and will not, come on for notifications at this time. It only works in select situations when it’s charging

    source: i’m the guy who made the video in the bottom of the article

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      That is indeed true, I avoided saying it can be used as a notification light at the moment. There are just a few actions that can trigger it.

      Good job on the video by the way!

      • Alex

        Thank you very much!

  • rashad360

    Seems like an awful waste of potential, I’m glad the folks at XDA are on the case!

  • TT

    From design view point green color does not make sense for this action/event. I have high hopes there are more LEDs / colors

  • Android Dev
  • donger