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Update to Google Play Services fixes battery draining bug, includes support for turn-based multiplayer


An update to Google Play Services always means that there’s something new and fun for developers to play with, but this latest update brings a little something extra. The Google Play Services 4.1 update happens to include a fix for the battery draining bug related to location services, which is one that many of you KitKat users have experienced. Now you can enjoy having your phone not die in less than 10 hours.

Google has also included support for turn-based multiplayer games. This means that developers can take advantage of the new multiplayer system with support for 2-8 players. When a move is made, it’s sent to Play Services and then distributed to the other players. This should make developing turn-based games a lot easier.

There are also several smaller tweaks, like improved auto-complete in Google+ when sharing items and a developer preview of a new Google Drive API to allow access to syncing files across devices. Overall this is a good update, even if most users will never notice it. Google Play Services updates usually occur automatically, so just give it some time and it’ll be done!

Via: Engadget

Source: Android Developers Blog

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  • Siku

    If they have fixed the battery drain in the location service then fantastic… looking forward to the update popping up. Anyone got the update and able to confirm that?

    • A

      I git the update… The battery is better after update. Now I found the reason. Looking forward to Google

    • Wendy P. Shreve

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  • Billy

    That is nice but where are the fixes for devices (Moto X) that upgraded to 4.4 with Exchange ActiveSync bug..

    There are tons of threads at Moto and other places .. I am really surprised it hasn’t gotten more media attention. Maybe EAS is relatively small population?? Seems like it would be an important group though.

    //just ranting..

  • redraider133

    Good to see they got rid of the bug that seemed to be plaguing many and destroying the battery life. I like the improvements they continue to push out for the play store and services.

  • raghuveer

    HOW TO UPDATE google play services?

  • lin set


  • batlian

    goog dear this program jest .no down

  • donger


  • Barry R

    4.1 may have a fix for a battery-sucking bug but 4.2.42 of Google Play Services just sucked my Samsung Galaxy S battery dry in about eight hours – 50% battery use from Google Play Services, 15% from GMail, 8% Wifi. Display is down at 3% which shows how little I’ve actually used the phone in the last 8 hours. Is Google desperate to slurp as much data out of our devices as they can?

    • RJ

      Same here Barry

    • Christopher Johnston

      Same storey here. 4.2.42 is at the moment responsible for 72 % of my HTC one’s power consumption. Which, honestly, is ridiculous…

      • Sedir

        Here too. It’s horrible with Moto X

        • Dennis

          My galaxy note 2 with Android 4.3, Model number sch-i605, Kernel 3.0.31, Hardware Version I606.06 was draining my battery in less than a day with google play services at the very top. As soon as I disabled it, and it reverted to a previous version, my battery life is going back to 1.5 days (at least).

          So to me there is obviously an issue.

          I hope it isn’t one of those issues where, the right mix of applications causes the issue…

  • Smiggle

    How to update Google Play Services?

  • husain


  • Dharmesh

    Does anyone know how to reset the Google play service as I can’t update it.

    • Maneesh

      Yes pls tell me

  • Maneesh

    Yes pls tell me

  • Maneesh

    When I am installing you tube then there is a problem because the Google play services is no update.pls tell me how can we update Google play service

  • Carolyn

    Mine is draining so fast that sometime it is draining faster than it can charge! Powering off and on a few times brought it from 99% to 47% but still that is way too much. Can the phone work if I uninstall google play services? If so, how do I uninstall it…or how do I go back to a previous version?

  • nitin


    here is working solution…app link from playstore

  • batlian

    i can’t download

  • Jin

    Xperia z updated to 4.4.2 kitkat now google service keeps draining my battery quicker then in 4 hours, I don’t like this at all, I cant go trough out the day without my phone since I need to make calls…

    I run my phone offline and with stamina mode still kills my battery… DO SOMETHING!!!

  • Adam

    Jin, I have the same problem in my Xperia Z.is there a solution? Thanks

    • Tin

      I alsoo ugraset my Xperia z and Google Play service i now responsable for 84 % of my battery usage what to do?