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Verizon nabs US exclusive on Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3


Well let it not be said that AT&T manages to get all of the exclusives, because Samsung announced today that Verizon will be the lone US carrier sporting the Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3.

Other than the new paint job, this remains the same Note 3 that Verizon customers have been able to pick up since October 2013, so while it may be hard to characterize this as a major coup for Verizon, ¬†perhaps this will extend the appeal of the Note 3 a bit further into its life cycle. The Note II proved that the product line wasn’t completely niche, and the Note 3 has taken things even further, crossing over into mainstream with over 10 million sold as of early last month.

No details on pricing or availability yet, but chances are Verizon is going to hang on to the $299 price through the release of this new color. It would also stand to reason that this will be available soon since it’s already out in Korea. Samsung’s press release lists the Rose Gold Note 3 as coming with Android 4.3, and with the Android 4.4.2 update rolling out in some areas already, we can hope that Verizon’s timeline for the update is weeks and not months away.

With the myriad style options available for the Moto X, it’s a bit hard to be too excited about a third Note 3 color option that differs only subtly from one of the existing options. I am a big fan of the Note 3, though, and perhaps Rose Gold is exactly what some users were dreaming about.

If any of you were waiting patiently for this Rose Gold Note 3, I’d love to hear from you. However, my bigger question is this: Would you ever switch carriers just to get a phone in a specific color?


Update: Verizon has confirmed that the Rose Gold Note 3 will be available by the end of January.

Source: Samsung Mobile US

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  • kazahani

    Wow. I bet millions of people will switch to Verizon now. What a great move by Big Red. In fact, I’m totally going to cancel my service and pay an ETF just so I can switch to Verizon because of this. I mean it’s a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COLOR than the other carrier’s models! This is game-changing. Revolutionary. This changes everything. Again. Again.

  • GE918

    No way would I switch carriers just for a different colored phone. I always slap a case on my phones anyway.

    • donger


  • Kirk Schwarz

    Beware of Asus Nexus support it very bad.