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Wetley now offering prescription lenses for Google Glass

Google Glass Wetley Lenses

Google Glass is an interesting product. It’s a pair of glasses with no glass to speak of. As a beta product, it’s understandable that Google hasn’t offered any sort of lens solution to the public. In fact, when the device launches, we’ll definitely see one. But for now, Wetley has you covered.

Wetley is now offering a special snap-on frame made out of stainless steel that will hold lenses on your Google Glass. There is no modification necessary to your $1500 hardware. You can buy just the GGRX frame for $99 and get tinted lenses, or you can go all the way and get prescription lenses made for $149. Considering the cost of Google Glass, this is pretty dang affordable.

You can buy these frames now, and they’ll start shipping in 2-3 weeks. Hit the source link to order them! It’s awesome to see such a simple solution to those who need it. Now that Google Glass has prescription lenses, is it any more appealing to you? Tell us in the comments!

Via: Android Central

Source: OpticsPlanet

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