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Wikipad announces Gamevice wraparound controller, 4.2 update

Wikipad Gamevice

Wikipad, the creators of a tablet with its own wraparound controller, have announced a new product for CES 2014. This is the Gamevice, a gamepad that attaches to your smartphone and allows you to play video games the way they were meant to be played. It has a flex bridge design that can expand or collapse to fit many different mobile devices.

Surprisingly, this controller has a full range of buttons. Not only does it have dual analog sticks, but it also has L1, R1, L2, and R2 triggers on the back It’s quite a good arrangement of controls for a mobile controller. This device will be released sometime in 2014 with full support for Android and Windows 8, with other OS support possibly coming as well.

Wikipad also announced an update to its original 7-inch tablet, bringing it up to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It includes controller mapping software to allow the physical controls to be mapped to a touchscreen control scheme, along with six paid games for free. Those games are Shadowgun, Reckless Racing 1, Raging Thunder 2, Sprinkle, Granny Smith and Zen Pin HD.

All in all, it’s a pretty good announcement. Wikipad tablet owners get a nice update with some new features to keep them happy, while the controller should get a few people excited. It looks quite nice to me. What do you think of the Gamevice controller?

Show Press Release
(LOS ANGELES, CA) — Jan. 3, 2014 — At CES 2014, Wikipad, Inc. (www.wikipad.com) the leader in mobile gaming platforms including the Wikipad 7 android gaming tablet announced the creation of Gamevice a next-generation detachable console-like controller for mobile devices. Gamevice, which received a utility and design global patent, transforms mobile games into full fledge mobile console experiences with a slim portable controller that effortlessly connects to mobile devices. Gamevice offers a unique patented flex bridge design that expands or collapses to fit mobile devices.

“We value the opinions of our community. We heard from many people who either expressed love for the Wikipad 7” or who already owned an iPad or an Android or Windows 8 mobile device and wanted us to make a controller that worked for them. We are currently working on versions for Windows 8 and Android devices. We have not forgotten other important OS systems and we hope to announce additional support those in the near future,” said Fraser Townley, President of Wikipad, Inc.

Gamevice transforms mobile devices into portable video game consoles complete with dual analog sticks, both L1/R1 and L2/R2 analog buttons, an analog D-pad, and four analog action buttons — every button gamers already use and in a form factor that will be familiar.

Press Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cn8dqnc9bknc48j/coTOo2pk55


Wikipad, Inc. (www.wikipad.com) today announced an important over-the-air (OTA) update for its premium 7” gaming tablet that will automatically refresh the Wikipad to add new features such as controller mapping, the addition of Android 4.2, new content such as Madfinger Games’ Dead Trigger 2 and access to a host of great games from new content partner WildTangent Games. The OTA showcase’s Wikipad commitment to redefine gaming in a mobile-centric world. The 7’ Wikipad tablet offers the functionality of a portable premium tablet with the exciting video game console experience.

To receive the update, Wikipad owners must connect their Wikipad to the Internet and install the software update when prompted. The whole process takes a few minutes.

The update includes:


One of the limitations of mobile games is that complex games often have control schemes not suited for touch screens. Wikipad has released its Wikipad Controller Assistant allowing allows gamers to transform the touchscreen controls of virtually any Android game into a console-like experience using Wikipad’s patented gamepad controller.

ANDROID 4.2 (Jelly Bean+)

The updated version of Jelly Bean includes a number of improvements and new features, including improved battery life and the ability to create multiple user accounts. Android 4.2 enables gesture typing by sliding fingers across the virtual keyboard, improved camera features, gesture typing, lock screen widgets and Google Now updates that pull package tracking, hotel and flight details, restaurant reservations and other important meetings and other time sensitive information straight from Gmail. Wikipad owners will find many small improvements that enhance the Wikipad experience, whether you are gaming, using the Wikipad for work, or just browsing the web and having fun.


WildTangent Games offers access a host of premium games to consumers with WildTangent’s patented technology. Consumers receive free in-game items as well as free play of premium games courtesy of brand advertisers. In addition, consumers can rent games for a fraction of the retail price, with 100% of rental going toward ownership, or buy them outright.

WildTangent adds to an already impressive list of content partners including Google Play from Google Mobile Services, PlayStation®Mobile games from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and TegraZone — NVIDIA’s free game discovery app.

As an added bonus, Wikipad users receive six premium games pre-installed:

· Shadowgun — Madfinger Games

· Reckless Racing 1 – Polarbit

· Raging Thunder 2 — Polarbit

· Sprinkle — Medicore

· Granny Smith – Medicore

· Zen Pin HD — Zen Studios


The update also adds Madfinger Game’s award-winning and visually stunning first person zombie shooter Dead Trigger 2. The original Dead Trigger was a smash hit with more than 23M downloads, and Dead Trigger 2 offers even more bloody action and stunning HD graphics, placing gamers in an apocalyptical world where humanity must make its final stand against the growing onslaught of zombies.


The Wikipad is the only tablet to possess both the unique combination of a console quality gaming experience with the functionality and portability of a tablet thanks to its award-winning and patented detachable dual-analog controller. Wikipad offers a multi capacitive 7 inch touch screen, 16 GB memory with an additional micro SD slot to support a further 32 GB of storage, together with micro USB, GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope. NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core mobile processor powers Wikipad’s The tablets ultra-light, super thin chassis and is optimized for cloud gaming with a 12 core Nvidia GPU. With an aspect ratio of 16:10, a 2-mega-pixel front facing camera the Wikipad tablet offers true widescreen HD display and HDMI out.

Consumers will have instant access to entertainment and videogame content of over 1,000,000 apps and games from Google Play from Google Mobile Services, PlayStation®Mobile games from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and TegraZone — NVIDIA’s free app that highlights the best games optimized for the Tegra processor. When the gamepad controller is detached, Wikipad’s sleek design and full Android 4.2 Jelly Bean functionality make it a powerfully versatile tablet for surfing the web, emailing, enjoying all the latest films, books, magazines and music, conversing via Skype or experiencing the latest apps at home or on the go.

For a full list of retailers, product specs, a comprehensive support page, technical forums, and retailers please visit: http://www.wikipad.com/

Dima Aryeh is a Russian obsessed with all things car and tech. His time is split between gaming and fixing his racecar. He also does photography in his spare time.

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    Start and select buttons? They could be on opposite sides of the screen. Also, why the WiiU layout?

    Still, this is the best controller option for a phone so far. It’s actually portable. Wish there was an option with one of the other 2 layouts (Dualshock or 360/xbone like) and the start and select butons.