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ZTE shows off new modular smartphone concept called the Eco-Mobius

ZTE modular

One of the newest trends to hit mobile is the modular smartphone. It  started with Phonebloks, a device that was made up of various pieces that were stuck to a main board. Motorola then adopted this idea and worked with the people behind Phonebloks to create Project Ara, which is the same concept but supported by Motorola’s decades of experience in mobile. Now it looks like another competitor has emerged.

The ZTE Eco-Mobius follows the same basic idea as Phonebloks and Project Ara. The device is split into four interchangeable parts: the display, the core (which includes processor, RAM and such), the camera and the battery. ZTE already has a prototype built, but it was kept behind at CES so that no one could touch it. It looks surprisingly sleek for a modular prototype.

ZTE says it’s also creating a platform for people to buy, sell and trade modules for these products. This would make upgrading and customizing your device much easier when Eco-Mobius launches, which ZTE says could happen within two years. That’s an exciting prospect. Do you think modular phones are the future? Leave a comment!

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  • yoaj

    I would love to be able to come home and remove my 5″ screen and then attach a larger tablet sized screen for home use.


    • BlueScreenJunky

      You mean like the Asus Padfone ? ^^;

      • yoaj

        The Asus Padfone is not modular – it only had one configuration.

    • Angela

      And how would a tablet-sized screen fit into the existing chassis? That makes no sense. I would assume they mean you could choose different resolutions so you wouldn’t have to pay for 1080 you only want 720. Or AMOLED vs LCD.

      • Angela

        *if you only want

      • Daniel

        Wouldn’t have to. Just make the screen be the thing that holds it together so you get home and just pop out some of the modules and put them in the tablet.

    • Wendy P. Shreve

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  • Michael

    If people start going with that, the single parts will soon turn in as expensive as a complete mobile is atm.
    That’s what the aim is. But once the media says somethings good, people go and fall for it, like always

    • Jake

      You, sir, have no idea what you are talking about. How could a processor/ram component be more expensive than an entire phone, which includes a more custom processor/ram component? It’s like saying the tires and bumpers on cars we start coming as much as the car.

    • clocinnorcal

      This is the most ridiculous statement I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Why would a single component cost as much as an entire device?

      • The Last Honest Man

        The price of these components goes up due to marketing and price gouging by manufacturers following the Apple “premium” model.

  • rr2009

    More modular phone.

  • donger

    Wow, really impressed.