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A look at the Truffol Autograph leather skin for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

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I recently had the opportunity to try out the newly released Autograph leather skin by Truffol for the Samsung Galaxy S 4. If you’re not familiar with Truffol, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a bit of a newcomer to the phone case game, and up until now have focused on the iPhone. However, the company brings to market unique cases with high-end materials that we don’t see on phones very often, such as wood, metal and leather. Now it’s taking a stab at the Android market with a leather skin Autograph series for the popular Samsung Galaxy S 4.

I’m not surprised that Truffol picked the S 4 for its first Android phone case. It’s a popular device, and in general, people don’t have amazing things to say about the S 4′s plastic back or overall feel. I like the idea of putting a leather skin on the Galaxy S 4, but I’m not sure that I’m impressed with the execution.

Exhibit A:

The Truffol Autograph is a leather skin with an adhesive backing. According to Truffol, the skin is made of fine Italian leather sourced from Santa Croce sull’Arno in Italy. It is trimmed to a precise thickness of 0.6mm. Every skin is curated by expert craftsmen to ensure a wrinkle-free finish. You can even get your initials embossed in the skin free of charge. Additionally, it has a stainless steel or electroplated 18-carat Rose Gold PVD inlay logo that gives the skin a premium look.

The skin itself is pretty easy to install, and the adhesive allows for multiple applications for those who suck at applying skins like I do. I have no complaints about the fit of the skin with regards to the camera and speaker holes. It doesn’t go all the way to the phone’s edges, though, and so I don’t love the look of the skin on the white Galaxy S 4. Looking at Truffol’s website, I much prefer the black leather skin on the Black Mist S 4.

When it comes to providing protection, this Truffol Autograph skin is going to do very little to shield your phone from damage when dropped. That said, if you’re tired of the S 4′s slick, polycarbonate back, then this leather skin might provide the more premium feel you’re looking for.

A few other comments on the skin: The edges are a little harsh and make a buzzy noise if you run your fingers across it. The envelope the skins come in warns you that the leather edges will soften within 72 hours of use. That’s good to know, but I still might be concerned with the edges getting caught on things and peeling up over time. I haven’t experienced any peeling in my time with the skin, but it is something to keep in mind. Finally, the inlay on my orange leather skin sticks out a little bit. On the black skin that was shipped to me, the inlay was a little better set. This uneven inlay setting doesn’t ruin the look of the skin, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re a person with an attention to detail.

After all this talk about a classy leather skin for the Galaxy S 4, you’re probably wondering what it comes with and how much it costs. You can pick up the Truffol Autograph Standard skin in orange or black at Truffol.com for $18 shipped. There’s no tax and shipping is free worldwide, but you may be responsible for custom duties. Additionally, if you share the Truffol cases during checkout, you can earn an instant 10% discount. The skin comes with a complementary  glossy  “HD” screen protector that’s a decent fit for the S 4. You may have read about how I feel about screen protectors, but I did my best to install it and check it out. The screen protector feels a little grippier than the standard glass and seems to collect fingerprints faster, but it will protect the display from scratches. I included some pictures of it in the gallery.

So what do you think of the Truffol Autograph? I think the skin looks a lot better on the iPhone than on the Galaxy S 4 on the Truffol website, but this is an Android blog. Would you consider getting the Autograph skin for your S 4? If Truffol made a leather skin for your non-S 4 phone, would you buy it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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