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Motorola updates Active Display and Assist apps on Play Store

Moto Apps

Motorola has had a very fast update pace for its newest devices, but even then it isn’t fast enough to deliver small bug fixes to some of its custom features. That’s why the company has put many of its apps on the Play Store. Doing so means that owners Motorola hardware can get bug fixes and new features as they are finished. It’s an amazing idea that works great.

The two latest apps to be updated are Motorola Active Display and Motorola Assist, apps that are exclusive to the Moto X and the latest Motorola Droid devices with the X8 chip. While these updates aren’t huge, they offer some bug fixes and new features that many users will appreciate. Here is the changelog for Active Display:

  • Honors the system vibration settings. Turn vibration on/off by going to Settings -> Sound -> Vibrate on touch.
  • More bug fixes

And the changelog for Motorola Assist:

  • Added support to troubleshoot drive mode audio issues when connected to Bluetooth
  • Meetings where you’re marked as “Available” will no longer trigger meeting mode
  • Bug fixes!

If you want these updates, head over to the Play Store on your Motorola device or hit the widgets below to go to the web Play Store. Tell us how you like the updates!



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  • SGB101

    whats it available for? i have a load of devices connected to my play account, and non are compatable

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      The Moto X and a few Motorola Droid devices. Basically, only phones with the Motorola X8 chip.

  • tyler

    YES NO MORE vibrate when opening the screen !!!!

  • zahid jaan