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All New HTC One leaks keep on coming, new images show gray and silver models


Not quite feeling that blinged out golden All New HTC One that leaked yesterday? Then you might prefer the more subdued gray and silver variants, both of which have revealed themselves in newly-leaked images.

Save for the change in color, the gray and silver versions of the All New HTC One are similar to the gold model that leaked out yesterday. That means that they’re sporting an HTC One-like design but with more rounded corners, a set of on-screen navigation buttons on their faces and a dual camera setup on their backsides.

A recent rumor suggested that the All New HTC One would be available in gold, gray and silver, and now we’ve gotten a peek at all three versions thanks to the rumor mill. Of course, HTC has introduced five different color options for its OG One to date, and so it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw the All New HTC One offered in some additional hues at some point. Exactly what those might be remains to be seen, but since the device is already being made in three different metallic colors, hopefully HTC decides to offer the new One in some slightly more colorful options at some point.

If you could pick the next color that the All New HTC One is offered in, which would you choose?


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  • Nate B.

    Some people are digging the original squared off version currently out, but I think I like this rounded version a little more. It seems more compact and tapered off. I think it helps saving overall physical growth when increasing the screen, even if it is just .3″. I don’t think the “huge” black bar will be as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I do wish they would remove it or make it as think as they do have it on the top and sides, and just leave the HTC logo on the back. I mean we all know there will be another HTC logo on the back as well. Pick a spot, preferably the back, and stick with it. It’s not a bumper sticker HTC.

    Anyways, I hope the camera is much more a competitor this time around. Ultra Pixel or not, you’re not competing with a 4MP camera. Stop trying to sale with fancy names. It was better then a 4MP camera years ago, but at the end of the day it’s a 4MP camera. Let’s be real. It’s not all about numbers but at some point you have to increase the numbers to also get better quality. I doubt they’ll have OIS. I think that should be standard this year honestly. I also find it weird that they’re waiting a month after other OEM’s announcements. I guess they believe it’s worthy of it’s own spotlight. It probably is. Good luck HTC.

    • Galen20K

      Can’t help but agree with you. I prefer the Sharper Edges of my launch htc One “Classic”, but I really do think this All New htc One looks incredible in the dark gun metal gray. If I get it, I’ll get that version. Also while I do Enjoy camera shots on my current One, it does have a major down fall of not being able to zoom in much and process it much since the pixels just are not there. I really hope they up the resolution of the Ultrapixel to at least 12 MegaPixels otherwise I’ll run into the same issue. Also I do still occasionally get that dreaded Purple tinge on dark photos not a lot, but enough to where it bugs me.

    • BlazeHN

      8MP is the perfect number on camera. No more, no less.

      • jamal adam

        If the rumored A5 is going to have a 5mp front facing camera, I would expect nothing less from the flagships.

  • T.

    Grey seems to be the sexiest to me so far.

  • kazahani

    Dat chin tho…

  • Tma

    Don’t understand what are the two spots on the back big camera on silver one, someone mentioned it on gold version too, but black hasn’t it…

    • Malc_Milli

      those spots are often referred to as poor photoshopping.

  • redraider133

    Really digging the grey. Black is pretty sharp as well.

  • Alan Reboli

    That’s a lot of wasted restate for the logo…

  • Eric

    If you zoom in on these pictures, you can clearly see the speaker grille dots don’t line up the same way around the corners between 2 phones. Makes me wonder if the pictures are a fake.

    • jerrbomb

      I was wondering the wake thing but thought I was going crazy.. These photos look like they were rendered on a computer.. But oh well I’m still interested in what happens..

    • Jon

      As a graphic designer, I can tell you that product photos are always touched up to look as clean and perfect as possible. Even if this is a true leak, it would be common practice to overlay some vector art (such as the ethereal looking reflections we often seem to see on screens ans lenses).

  • jamal adam

    Aside from the logo taking up all that space, my only other complaint (very minor) is that I’d rather have the OG One’s glass screen where it goes all the way to the edge. It made it look that much more sexier. The grey looks more subtle when compared to the gold and silver ones so that would end up being my choice if I were to get this.

  • donger

    That gray looks good.