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‘All New HTC One’ name confirmed in official teaser video from HTC


Now that Mobile World Congress is winding down, HTC would like to turn our attention back to the HTC M8 and its March 25 launch events in New York City and London. In a new teaser video that’s been posted to HTC’s YouTube channel, the mysterious handset is referred to directly as the “All New HTC One,” seemingly confirming the rumors that the HTC One name would live on with the HTC M8.

The “HTC Technical Translations #1: BoomSound”  focuses on HTC’s BoomSound technology, but the All New HTC One is officially shown off for the first time in all its pixelated glory. We still have about four weeks to go before the March 25 unveiling of the All New HTC One, so don’t be surprised if HTC treats us to a few more videos between now and then.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • sandwich

    That was actually pretty good. :) I’ve got an HTC One (1st gen? Is that what we’ll have to call it from now on??), and the sound from those front speakers truly is impressive. It’s like going from a PC speaker (remember those, guys?) to stereo full-range speakers. Now, we just gotta figure out how to miniaturize subwoofers…

    • Patrick Leo

      You can’t miniaturize subwoofers unfortunately. In order to create the long wavelengths for less than 100hz audio, you simply need a large resonating space. :( you could possibly design the entire phone as a low frequency driver, but that would just be annoying to hold with music playing, plus probably bad for components.

  • Tony

    I like them keeping the same name, makes way more sense then saying I have the Galaxy S15 I mean that naming scheme eventually sounds ridiculous so mines well get ahead of it and just say all new or the year it came out.

  • Nate B.

    I made me chuckle. One thing they still have wrong in my opinion is that they target or seem to target towards one group instead of the general or overall crowd. They focus on this “Hip-Hop” sound rather then just great sound. I think they should have simple but meaningful commercials whenever the phone drops for consumers to focus on sound and quality in a way the average consumer can comprehend. Kind of like how Apple does and some Samsung commercials do. It’s usually dramatic, but on point. Show the class of the build, sound, and whatever else it can do.

    Anyways, I hope it has a full featured camera. Much higher pixel count and the hardware to support the pixel count for quality pictures. I know the build will be there. I’ll get over the thick bezel. I hope the software has useful features and not so much of use our version of this and that.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I like that teaser trailer. Confirms one of my wants better-ing the already amazing front facing speakers!

  • surethom

    Better than there normal htc advertising. Can’t wait for the other trailers.

  • donger

    Go HTC!