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Dennis Woodside leaves Motorola for Dropbox


In the short time that Google has owned Motorola, Dennis Woodside has been the one behind the wheel. It was under his supervision that the Moto X and Moto G, two very innovative and fantastic devices, were created. In interviews, he divulged plans for even more customizable hardware and a $50 Android smartphone, pushing Motorola further and further. But now he’s gone.

Dennis Woodside has announced that he will depart from Motorola at the end of March and join Dropbox, where he will become COO. With Motorola sold off to Lenovo, this isn’t a surprising move, as Woodside was put in charge of Motorola by Google. However, it is a sad situation. Dennis Woodside and Google pushed Motorola in an amazing direction. Motorola has always had unbelievable potential, and because of Woodside, we’ve finally seen it. Hopefully Motorola can keep on going in the same successful direction without him.

We wish Dennis Woodside all the best with his new job at Dropbox, and now we wait for Motorola’s next step. What do you think of Woodside’s departure? Does it dampen your enthusiasm about Motorola or will the company succeed anyway? Leave a comment!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: The Official Motorola Blog

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  • sam

    With the Lenovo deal and Dennis leaving, I’m wondering if they will follow through with the cheaper android phones. It would be great if some journalists will ask them these questions! I have the Moto G and it’s a great phone. I would love to see them continue making cheap yet good phones like this.

    • JudithRRosalez


  • Tommy

    I guess he did. Motorola is getting passed around like a cheap date.

  • Hood rat Motorola

    NSA sent him to infiltrate the next cloud target. Filthy criminal NSA agents are everywhere….

  • kuddus

    Dropbox is the next emerging cloud site so he takes right decision.

  • donger

    Let the guy do what he wants.