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EVGA updates Tegra Note 7 to Android 4.4.2, keeping it on latest version of KitKat

NVIDIA Tegra Note

The Tegra Note 7 is a reference device for NVIDIA’s Tegra processor and it runs a mostly-stock version of Android, so people expect it to get updates fairly quickly. That’s up to the manufacturer, not NVIDIA, but the good news is that it seems that EVGA is on top of it, as it just released the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for its version of the 7-inch Tegra tablet.

This update bumps the Tegra Note 7 to the absolute newest version of Android, matching Google’s Nexus devices. No changelog has been posted, but we do know that the includes Gamepad Mapper, a feature that lets you map on-screen buttons to physical controller buttons when an app is touch-only. That’s an incredibly useful feature, especially for a device rocking the gaming-focus Tegra processor.

If you own a Tegra Note 7, you can either check for the update manually in your Settings menu or wait for a notification.

NVIDIA’s  Tegra Note 7 sports a 7-inch 1280×800 IPS display, 1.8GHz quad-core Tegra 4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a stylus that supports NVIDIA DirectStylus, which makes it act like an active stylus. The Wi-Fi tablet retails for only $199.99, so if you’re interested, you can pick one up from retailers such as Newegg.

So does having the latest version of Android make the Tegra Note 7 more appealing? Would you buy one? Leave a comment!

Source: @EVGA

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  • masterpfa

    It most certainly does. Tegra, as promised, have provide 3 OTA updates since I purchased this “Budget” tablet, 4.3, System Update and now 4.4.2.
    What they are offering is the type of service other OEM’s should aspire to achieve and probably as a reminder to some that using the Tegra 4 may have been the way forward.

  • masterpfa

    Second note
    These tablets are manufactured by different suppliers worldwide, I am in the UK hence my tablet is made by Advent so I can only assume Tegra had pushed the updates to Evga, Advent and Xolo at the same time so this could in effect be Tegra and not Evga led update.

    • skumdog

      Actually, it is nVidia, not Tegra. NVidia is the company that manufactures the Tegra SoC.
      I purchased the Tegra Note 7 solely because of its Tegra 4 processor, and the fact that it was designed by nVidia. I have been a nVidia fanboy since they acquired PhysX back in the day. This tablet has the horsepower to stay up with the rest of the pack for a while. Hopefully they will keep the updates rolling in. NVidia needs to get with Google and optimize Android specifically for the Tegra family of SoC’s. I have noticed some slowdown and minor glitches on my TN7, since the update to 4.4.2 nothing major but things that can be remedied.
      NVidia also needs to get with other manufacturers so that the Tegra name can flourish like it should. I know I am doing my part to spread the word.

  • Staffsdude

    Got my update last night on the advent tegra note 7. Works brilliantly, comes with some excellent features, great that they pushed the update so quickly from 4.3. Note 7 couldn’t be any better, possibilities are endless with this device. Weldone Nvidia.

  • jerico9

    I also have had the note since the start, well December. All 3 OTA updates have been fast and simple. You’ve got to remember, this device is only 5 months old and has had 2 major updates, 1 small. I have used petty much every tablet that’s out in the UK due to my job. The note 7 hands down mainly to the price. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, the only thing that let’s it down is the screen res. The new update is smooth, nice full screen toggle. Feels even quicker. Hope they do a 10″ Verizon with the same budget ideas. £80 cheaper than the nexus but matches even beats it on some stage’s.

  • donger


  • RFG

    after kitkat update my ext sdcard is not writeing any one having this probs and soln fr this probs i m having tegra note 7 of xolo

    • Scott Spencer

      Same problem, can still access apps and things Already on SD but can no longer write to SD card or use apps like Spotify which need access to SD card… They rushed the update and its a massive annoyance!!!!!!

      • Suchet

        With this Kitkat 4.42 update your tablet loses the SD Card features as an extra storage medium as it becomes disabled — this has made a lot of Android users with devices that have extra SD Card slots, very unhappy.

        This is something Google have implemented (so it’s not a fault by Nvidia) My advice would be to contact Nvidia to see if you could push them to consider a custom kitkat update with SD Card features intact. After all, one of the advertised features of the Tegra Note 7 Is its SD Card functionality. It is something you have paid for so it should not be taken away from you.

  • Mike Burrell

    Since 4.4.2 my tablet has become slow and unstable. It freezes up constantly and it is slow as hell. Was working fine before update.

  • Suchet

    With this Kitkat 4.42 update your SD Card features so an extra storage medium is disabled – this has made a lot of Android users with devices that have extra SD Card slots, very unhappy.

    Best thing to do is contact Nvidia to push for them to send out an updated customised kitkat rom which has the SD Card features intact.

  • John Carass

    Apart from the 4.4.2 update switching off the sd card, it caused massive overheating problems and very rapid battery discharging (2 hours from full charge while sleeping!), this happened 3 times in the two days after update. PC World replaced it. This time I did not install Skype which I had previously but did install Kitkat. Since then it’s been reasonable but am not happy with battery life, I get around 4-5 hours with general use, email, browsing, news, radio etc. No games.

  • bishwa ranjan

    Can anyone help me on updating ota ROM version 4.4.2. It always stops at 49.98 mb. Don’t have any idea how to resolve it.

  • bishwa ranjan

    And the camera too crash. Bought this few days ago. Not having a great experience. Please help me out on this. Should I return this tab.