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Flappy Bird taken down from Play Store, was fun while it lasted

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was the surprise hit of 2014, blowing up like no one could imagine. It was a simple game, and very fun too. But reactions turned negative as frustrations over its difficulty grew. This ended up with the developer getting a lot of bad press and hate over absolutely nothing.

See, Flappy Bird did exactly what it was designed to do. It was designed to be simple but challenging, and it did exactly that. It had no in-app purchases, an unintrusive ad, no price, and no serious bugs that could prevent you from playing. It excelled at what it was designed for, yet people didn’t get it. It was made to be difficult, like the games of my childhood often were, yet people gave the game flak and even poor reviews for it.

Unfortunately, this ended up getting to the developer far too much, and he decided to take the game off the Play Store and iOS App Store. I understand the guy, as bad press and hate can really mess with your daily life. It’s a shame really, as people took the hate way too far. But there’s nothing we can do about it but remember Flappy Bird fondly.

Oh, and try not to download Flappy Bird clones on the Play Store. A lot of them are filled with in app purchases and other crap.

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  • Criboscel

    I still have it installed.. so nothing really changed for me. It is a hard game . If it was too easy ppl would complain that I was easy to beat. No one can satisfy those humans..Even if FB is down, the Internet is full of surprises and maybe another annoying game will pop up out of the blue:D


    for 50K a day, I’ll take the hate,damn I’ll even man up and send all the haters to hell haha, I wouldn’t care.

  • Bob

    It was a typical internet meme. A lot of stupid people propagated it for stupid reasons (because internet meme), and when the stupid people found it was too hard for their stupid little brains, they lashed out against it.

    This is why doge wins and flappy bird loses.

  • Tangent

    “Oh, and try not to download Flappy Bird clones on the Play Store”

    See, that bothers me. Flappy Bird is a clone of a helicopter game first released years ago (and even that one might have been a clone already!). It was huge so it’s not likely he didn’t know about it… ( http://www.helicoptergame.net/ ) The only thing this developer did was alter the graphics, put it on the Play Store, and get very well paid for somebody else’s original idea. The attention and the $50,000 a day was too much for poor Dong Nguyen to take? Aww, poor baby. Maybe he’ll be able to sleep better if he sends a bit of his new found fortune to the original developer who actually came up with the idea.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Of course Flappy Bird was a clone, but it was a non-malicious one. But when something gets really popular, malicious clones start appearing. There are now apps with huge in app purchases cloning Flappy Bird.
      No matter how much money you earn, hate and death threats can seriously interfere with daily life. Which is why I feel for him. He’d rather live his quiet, normal life than earn $50k and be the focus of the entire internet’s hate.

  • BlazeHN

    I played Flappy Bird for like 30 seconds, then just uninstalled it, was way beyond boring.

  • Steve

    People are amazing, for some, all they do is complain. It is amazing how much people think they should get for free. Just read the app stire reviews and you will see what I mean. It’s the develpers fault when some iduot doesn’t read the app dudcription right ir doesn’t understand hiw to use the app.

    • Leo69

      Check your spelling bro..

  • michael kozlowski

    Flappy Bird may be taken down, but lots of 3rd party app markets still have it. I know 1mobile does and also good e-reader.


  • bradfits

    I love flappy bird. Please get this app back again….

  • donger

    Downloaded on all my devices.

  • aryin

    50k a day was a surprise, but not compared to it getting taken down by owner

  • tracey ann

    what is wrong with this app

  • HoneyB

    I personally think that flappy bird should be back on because I really enjoy it and my friend would like to install it so plz could you put back play store.

  • Md ashraf

    Play stors

  • Hollie

    I’m soo sad!! I didnt download it!

  • Leo69

    It’s obvious, the public..not everyone is good at everything…with that being said keep it to yourself..remove It and n ever play it again.Don’t anticipate the negativity and look forward to whats now happened.I’m just glad about having it before it was removed.the creators paid..so haters guna hate.easy said!

  • awesomeguy

    They still have it on the windows store I have it on my phone windows 8 phone

  • uknowme

    I’m alarmed at what a stay at home mom did to me. happy but alarmEd.