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Galaxy S5 sample shot confirms 16-megapixel camera, at least on some models

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Most of the recent smartphone leaks have starred the HTC M8, but today Samsung’s future flagship is getting a bit of attention as well. The latest leak is a sample shot from the S5′s camera. And while the image itself is no good – it’s typical for sample shots to be utter garbage – it is at its full resolution of 5312×2988, which suggests that the device will come with a 16-megapixel camera.

Galaxy S5 camera sample

However, we don’t know which models will feature this 16MP camera module. If you remember, there have been a couple of rumored versions of the Galaxy S5: one premium model and a standard model. It’s unclear if only the premium model will sport this high-resolution camera or if they both will.

Today’s leak goes to show that Samsung is pushing for high camera resolution, while other manufacturers focus on features like optical image stabilization and lower resolutions for better low-light performance. Samsung’s focus is paying off, though, because its cameras are pretty fantastic. Are you excited for a 16MP camera sensor in your smartphone? Or will you just go for the Sony Xperia Z1s and its 20.7MP sensor? Leave a comment!

Source: @evleaks

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  • Kevin

    Don’t know. Don’t care. If there are different camera lenses – I’ll be getting the best one because I’m picking up the “ultimate” version of the GS5 or whatever (if there will be such a thing). I held off on upgrading from the GS3 to the GS4 because I didn’t think the uptick in features wasn’t all that.

    THIS? This I think is going to be something special.

    • Steve

      Plus you could just install all of the features from the s4 to the s3 anyway, but this phone sounds amazing

  • Nate B.

    I hope their picture doesn’t crop again when looking through the view finder when taking it at full res.

  • Steve

    By the sounds of it, this phone is easily going to be the best out there. Comparing the specs and features, I will take the s5 ove the m8

  • Tommy

    I keep hearing about two different s5 models. Wouldn’t that be funny… if Samsung followed the iPhone 5c model right off the cliff.

    • donger

      Yeah right.

    • Steve

      The 5c is really just the 5 with color options. Really a tricky way to make people think their getting new technology.