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Get the red Nexus 5 shipped same day for free with Google Shopping Express


Are you hungry for the new red Nexus 5 but simply can’t wait several days for it to be shipped to you? If you’re enrolled in Google Shopping Express, you can get the Nexus 5 delivered to your door the same day that you order it for free! Of course, Google Shopping Express is limited to a fairly small geographical area around San Francisco and the Peninsula in California, but if you happen to call that area “Home,” you’re in luck!

Google Shopping Express is a service that can deliver goods to your door the same day you order them using couriers that pick up your items and drive them to your doorstep. And for a limited time, shipping is free for the first 6 months that you’re enrolled! The red Nexus 5 has been added to the list of products that can be delivered, so if you really want one of your own, you’ve now got the chance to own one today.

If you’re interested and living in the aforementioned area, hit the source link to order yours right now. Both the 16GB and 32GB models can be bought using Google Shopping Express. Here’s to hoping that the service expands soon, because it sounds pretty awesome.

Via: @GoogleShopEx

Source: Google Shopping Express

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