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Google Now Launcher arrives in the Play Store


When Google took the wraps off of its new Nexus 5 smartphone last year, it also introduced a new launcher that let the user access Google Now with a simple swipe to the right from the home screen. Since then, many Android users have been wondering when Google would make its launcher available to other devices. Wonder no more, friends, because the answer is “today.”

The Google Now Launcher is now available for download from the Play Store. It offers the same quick Google Now access that I described previously as well as the ability initiate a voice search by saying “Ok Google” when the search box is visible and transparent status and navigation bars.

So that’s the good news! The bad news is that the Google Now Launcher is only available to Nexus and Google Play edition hardware. That’s certainly a larger batch of compatible devices than before today when the launcher was a Nexus 5-exclusive – at least officially – but it’s still kind of a bummer that the Google Now Launcher isn’t yet available to non-Nexus or GPe products. Google does offer many of its other core Android apps to all Android users, though, so hopefully the Google Now Launcher’s compatibility will be widened in the near future.

If you’ve got a Nexus or Google Play edition device and want to give the Google Now Launcher a go, hit up the Play Store link below.

Source: Google Play Store: Google Now Launcher

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  • alfonso valbuena

    Chrome-nexus-samsungdesktop will feel very familiar compatible mobile devices

  • André

    I have a gt-i9000 with CM11 and i can install the google now launcher from the play store so i guess it’s also avaiable for anyone who as CM11

  • -_-

    Ye of course, all phones supported, even the old ones, guess which one is not, the NEW Note 3. FUCK IT!

  • Gabriel O

    You know, I hate how I got so hopeful in seeing the title of this article, and then was horribly disappointed when reading all the way to the third paragraph. Misleading title 😭😭😭

  • aranea

    Got it on Nexus 4 :)

  • donger

    Nice, now everyone can be happy.

  • Christian M

    Sideloaded on my bone stock HTC One with recent (yesterday) OTA 4.4.2 update on T-Mobile! Nicely done, Google… Nicely done.

    • Siku

      I was wondering if anyone had tried sideloading yeah, anyone tried on a Galaxy S4?

  • Rick M

    The NOW launcher installs and works great on the Galaxy S3 and Note 3 (T-Mobile editions, at least.). Last week I upgraded from the S3 to Note 3 (took advantage of the original JUMP rules). The Now launcher ended up being one of the last installs I made on the S3 … and was the first app I loaded in the new Note 3 unit.

    You just have to have the right links and information to install and enjoy.

    I’m putting a link below that will take you to everything you need to know.


    If there is no link right above this sentence, do a search for “get-new-google-now-launcher-your-samsung-galaxy-s3″ without the quotes. It should show up on wonderhowto.com.

    Hope that helps.