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HTC Advantage promises screen replacement, timely updates


In the past couple of years, HTC has struggled with both finances and making large consumer inroads. In the past year, we’ve seen HTC finally start to gain some traction and make progress in the right direction. Today brings us to another step on the path to success: HTC Advantage, a new commitment from HTC to owners of a phone belonging to the One family.

HTC Advantage brings two major benefits, the first of which is screen replacement. If you crack the screen of your One family phone (the One family refers to the One, One Mini, and One Max, and most likely, future One products) within the first six months of ownership, HTC will provide a free replacement for the damaged screen as long as your device is still under warranty. If the damage is beyond just replacing the cracked screen, HTC will provide you with a refurbished replacement for your phone.

For replacing your screen, you simply mail your phone to HTC’s center in Houston. HTC will provide free shipping. Within 8-10 days, your phone should be returned to you with a nice new screen. If you need faster turnaround than that, you can pay $29 for overnight shipping , and HTC will send you a replacement phone overnight along with a shipping label for sending your damaged device back. Remember, all of this only applies if your phone is still under warranty; if you root, your phone loses that warranty.

The umbrella of HTC Advantage also covers a commitment to timely updates and free cloud storage. HTC is promising to update its One devices in a timely fashion for two years from the release date of the phone. These updates include not only major Android updates, but also updates to HTC’s Sense overlay. Finally, HTC is offering 25GB or 50GB of cloud storage through Google Drive for two years with HTC Advantage.

While we’ll have to wait and see if HTC holds true on its promises, HTC Advantage looks to be a decent offer for those using one of HTC’s devices. You can find the press release below if you’re into that kind of thing.

What are your thoughts on HTC Advantage? Does it make HTC more appealing?

Show Press Release

First-of-its-kind HTC Advantageâ„¢ delivers one-time cracked screen replacement, commitment to future software innovation and content solutions for HTC One® family of smartphones

Vice President of Customer Experience to Lead HTC Advantage

BELLEVUE, WA – February 18, 2013 – HTC America Inc., a leader of mobile innovation, is building upon years of product and design firsts by charting new territory to redefine the mobile experience with today’s launch of HTC Advantageâ„¢, an unparalleled initiative that gives HTC smartphone owners in the United States added benefits they need after investing in a new smartphone.

HTC Advantage marks an enhanced focus and commitment to customers who select the best and want to keep it that way, by delivering both hardware and software commitments for the HTC One family of smartphones — HTC One, HTC One mini and HTC One max. HTC Americas is working to solve the challenges of today’s mobile lifestyle featuring a free one-time cracked screen replacement within the first six months of ownership, a commitment to future software innovation, and content storage and backup solutions that consumers need in today’s digital world.

“We recognize that people spend good money to buy smartphones. Creating premium products that offer customers the best and latest has always been the HTC way, and now we’re carrying that commitment beyond the handset purchase to ensure customers remain satisfied beyond day one,” said Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC Americas. “In line with our history of firsts, we want to be the first to protect the investment customers make in our premium devices, and have created a new position of vice president of Customer Experience to oversee this commitment as well as the launch and evolution of HTC Advantage.”

Ed Kuhner, vice president, Customer Experience, HTC Americas said, “Keeping customers happy is something we believe a premium product maker should do, so we commit to continually listening to our customers and developing new, innovative solutions based on customer feedback and addressing their pain points over time — that’s the HTC Advantage.”

Free Cracked-Screen Replacement

Even with ongoing improvements in manufacturing, more durable construction, stronger scratch resistant screens, and the addition of protective cases, broken screens are an unfortunate and costly part of mobile phone ownership. Starting today, HTC Advantage is doing away with that frustration by giving U.S. customers who purchase any of the HTC One family of smartphones a free one-time screen replacement within the first six months of ownership.

HTC Americas Commitment to Android Updates

When a customer purchases a smartphone, they can’t always be certain they’ll receive future software enhancements or performance improvements. HTC Americas is rectifying the issue and aspires to lead the industry in Android update delivery for the HTC One smartphone, evident by the speedy delivery of the latest version of Android (KitKat 4.4.2) and HTC’s latest innovation in HTC Sense 5.5 across numerous carriers in North America. HTC was the first in the U.S. and Canada, outside of Google-owned companies and Google Play editions of devices, to begin delivering KitKat to its customers.

HTC Americas has also proactively committed to upgrade the HTC One mini and HTC One max to KitKat in the coming months, allowing consumers with the HTC One family of smartphones to receive continued support from HTC and the latest operating system (OS) innovation. HTC not only strives to deliver faster updates, but to provide full transparency to consumers on the process and status of each device update. In addition, HTC Americas is committing to support the HTC One family of smartphones in the United States with major Android OS upgrades for up to two years from the initial launch date of the phone.

Peace of Mind

Smartphones have become the one thing that consumers can’t leave their home without since it’s their communication hub, primary camera and vital access to entertainment. With the volume and variety of information and memories stored on smartphones, HTC One customers can have peace of mind that their content is accessible with 25GB — 50GB of free additional online storage*, along with the ease of transferring content from their computer to their phone, and back up and restore** options directly from HTC.

The HTC One

The HTC One smartphone launched to critical acclaim in 2013 receiving numerous awards for its innovations in design, imaging and audio experiences from the mobile industry, technology reviewers and consumer reporters. The family of smartphones expanded with the addition of the HTC One mini and HTC One max smartphones offering consumers more choice with pocket-friendly and super-sized options.


HTC Advantage launches today in the United States where it is available with new purchases of the HTC One family of products. For more information on HTC, the HTC One family of smartphones or HTC Advantage please visit www.htc.com/advantage.

About HTC

Founded in 1997, HTC Corp. (HTC) is the creator of many award-winning mobile devices and industry firsts. By putting people at the center of everything it does, HTC pushes the boundaries of design and technology to create innovative and personal experiences for consumers around the globe. HTC’s portfolio includes smartphones and tablets powered by the HTC Sense® user experience. HTC is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE: 2498). For more information, please visit www.htc.com. user experience.

* Additional online/cloud storage through Google Drive Google. Offer is for 2 years of storage from date of redemption; must redeem before 1/1/2016. Fees and/or other terms may apply after offer expires. See Google Drive support site for details (https://support.google.com/drive/answer/3333549?p=drive_offers_htc&rd=1). Google Drive app is not provided by or associated with HTC Corporation.

** Backup/restore services are provided through HTC Backup and requires signing up for HTC Account and third party storage account. HTC Backup does not back up some content, including paid apps, photos and music. See https://www.htcsense.com/legaldoc/#tac for HTC Account and HTC Backup service’s terms, content backup limitations and requirements.

Via: Android Central

Source: HTC

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  • Vance

    I cracked my htc one screen two days after I got it AND it was in the HTC case…they still charged me $180. …I wonder if they’ll make this retroactive :-)

    • Steve

      My screen just went black for know reason on my one x international after 10 months. They did absolutely nothing for me. I don’t know if I can trust them to deliver ever again.

  • ibap

    Arthur C. Clarke said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

    But can someone explain to me how root has anything to do with a broken screen? I’d rather they (and others) provided a screen replacement service at some reasonable fee, and never mind what is on the phone.

    As for the updates – we geeks might not want to keep our phones that long, but we’d sure like to be able to sell them when we’re done with them to support our habits. They should update the OS on them as long as the hardware would support the new OS release. Google recognized that issue in the hardware requirements for KitKat.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

      Rooting has nothing to do with a broken screen. But rooting your phone voids the manufacturer’s warranty on your phone. The screen replacement aspect of HTC Advantage only applies to phones still under the warranty from HTC. Thus, if you’ve rooted your phone and voided the warranty, HTC will not cover a screen replacement.

  • Craig Riches

    And what about Europe??

    • Steve

      Only the US I guess, too bad I am in Canada.

  • Alan Reboli

    Good news this is ONLY for devices purchased after today. I would love to have more google storage for free.

  • Steve

    Samsung announced today that around 10 different phones and Tablets are getting kit kat. Htc announced a couple weeks ago that only the One will be updated from now on. How does this make htc the best at updating because they promise to be good from now on. Give me a break, if you want to make your customers happy, how about updating the one x, one x+, and the one s? Then maybe the owners of those phones will trust you again. I know the s3 is getting kit kat and that’s 2 years old now and the one x+ is only about 13 months old. The screen replacement is cool, but I broke my Note 2 screen and as long as the digitizer isnt broken, it’s only about 60 bucks anyway. Htc should offer a replacement for the first year not 6 months and what does root have to do with a cracked screen?

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • Mark

    It sounds good on paper. If they follow-thru will be the question. As for screen replacement? It could possibly negate the need for insurance. I wish they would include the DNA.

  • donger


  • Mohammad Aqeel

    i crack my HTC butterfly screen i want to change the screen where i should go now i m in dubai plzz hepl me thakns