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HTC: Expect more mid-range phones in 2014, M8 event invitations going out shortly

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Between its layoffs, legal woes and operating losses, there’s no question that HTC had a bumpy 2013. The company is aware of it, too, and has planned out exactly how to bounce back in 2014. We already know that HTC plans to refocus on its marketing and introduce a wearable device, but what about smartphones? Don’t worry, the Taiwanese firm’s got that area covered, too.

Speaking to Reuters, HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang said that her company intends to expand its lineup of $150 to $300 mid-range phones in 2014. Wang explained that in 2013, HTC focused entirely on its flagship products like the One, and so it ended up missing out on “a huge chunk of the mid-tier market.”

That doesn’t mean that HTC will be abandoning the high-end completely. Wang and HTC CFO Chialin Chang confirmed that a follow-up to 2013′s One is in the works and that invitations to its debut event will be sent out in approximately two weeks. No details about the device were shared by the executives, but the rumor mill has suggested that the device is codenamed “M8” and that it features a 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor and a set of on-screen navigation buttons.

While HTC says that it will focus more on mid-tier products that are a step down from its flagship hardware, the company isn’t planning on diving into the low-end of the smartphone pool. Chang explained that HTC has no plans to enter the “very, very low-end market,” opting instead to stick to more mid-range offerings that it’ll sell in developed and emerging markets. HTC also has no plans to return to its former identity as a firm that simply manufactures phones for other companies.

HTC used to be one of the top device makers in the wireless industry, but lately the company has lost quite a bit of the market share that it once held. While it’s good to see that HTC’s got a plan to try and regain some of its former glory in 2014, we’ll have to see if it can effectively pull all of its plans into one cohesive effort and effectively market itself and its new hardware. There’s no question that there’s a large segment of consumers that want a nice phone but can’t or don’t want to fork over hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a premium, flagship handset, but it’s up to HTC to convince those people that they should choose an HTC handset over the multitude of offerings from Samsung, LG and others.

What do you think of HTC’s plans for 2014? Will the company be able to regain some of its lost market share with improved marketing and more mid-range phones?

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  • famoso jorden

    Customers might not be easy but in one point they are: give em SD Slot and exchangeable batteries and most of them will consider buying. 50% of people I know do judge on phones because of those features missing, which is way too simple to judge over something, but hey, HTC wants to make money overall, so sticking to simple needs could work!

  • GE918

    I’m willing to reconsider HTC if they return their phones to having a SD slot and a removal battery.

    • SGB101

      Forget mid range, if your struggling competing at the high end, make the best low end. Ie moto g. Let the one be this year’s mid range offering, if the metals to expensive, put in a polycarbonate shell.

      • redraider133

        Agree. That is what moto is doing and really seems to be working out well for them. The high end space is so cluttered, that if you made a really good mid range phone, at a great price (ala moto x/g) you could have a big seller on your hands.

  • Anthony Tyler

    Go for it bro !!!

  • redraider133

    Hopefully they price the mid range device close to what moto has done. Also interested to finally put all the rumors and leaks to rest and see what the M8 ends up being.

  • jamal adam

    I feel that their success is dependent on not only better marketing but also on the balance of the hardware and the pricing of their mid-tier smartphones. They can’t expect to succeed if they sell a Moto G spec’d smartphone for the price like #300, that’s just not gonna happen. Also, I think that their M8 mini should not skimp on specs but rather it should be like the Sony Z1 compact in terms of hardware.

  • Hi

    I’m getting real tired of this “release date shrouded in secrecy” nonsense. I need a new phone now, not “at some point in Q1.”
    If I have to go with someone else, I will, but I wanted to give HTC a fair chance. I’m not buying last year’s phone on the eve of this year’s launch.

  • presidency

    htc always cheat indian giving low quality of htc products and their explanation cost of living is low

  • donger

    HTC needs to do better this year.