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HTC M8 backside shown off in leaked photo, complete with dual camera setup


This past weekend, a leaked image gave us a glimpse at what may be the HTC M8′s on-screen navigation buttons. Today we’re turning our attention to the M8′s backside, because a new photo has made its way online that claims to show the rear of the next HTC flagship, complete with some a couple of significant changes from the original HTC One.

Posted by HTCFamily.ru, the image purportedly shows the backside of an HTC M8 with a dual-LED flash as well as a pair of cameras. The first shooter is located in the same spot as the original One’s camera, while the second sensor – which looks a bit smaller that the first – is located directly above both it and the upper plastic accent. Two other small differences between the M8 and the One include the lack of a Beats Audio logo on the M8′s backside and the flip-flop of the rear mic in the upper plastic accent.


The HTC M8 leaks continue with an alleged outline of the device’s face. It’s difficult to take away many details from the basic diagram, but the image does include the aforementioned on-screen navigation buttons, and those lines above and below the display suggest that HTC’s BoomSound front-facing speakers could make the jump from the One to the M8.

While still very much unofficial, the M8 shown in these images does line up with what we’ve heard about the device so far. That includes the rumored dual camera setup, the on-screen buttons and the design of the phone, which one recent report described as being “strikingly” similar to the HTC One.

Overall the M8 seems to be shaping up to be a nice evolution of the original One, offering a similar look and feel but with updated specs. If the rumored dual camera setup holds true, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of images the M8 is capable of cranking out, especially given the increased focus on smartphone cameras that we’ve seen as of late.

What do you think of the HTC M8 so far? Do the leaks have you interested in HTC’s next flagship phone or does its One-like design have you eyeing another device?

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  • Gerson vd heyde

    This is a photoshop! Benelux-director of HTC, Mark Moons from HTC tweeted it!

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      While HTC employee make passing references from time to time regarding leaks, we do not know what Mart Moons’ tweet (https://twitter.com/markmoons/status/431052895849820160) is directly referring two. It could be the photo or the render or neither.

      Keep in mind that the photo matches the original leaked pictures of the HTC M8 and the handset cases that showed up a few weeks ago.

  • surethom

    Very nice, this will be my next phone, if the Camera is 6 or 8 ultrapixel, 4 megapixel UP was just too small.

    Loving HTC Camera centrec phones.

  • steve

    I would like to give HTC another shot, but I had the one x and ones s, both never lasted more than 10 months. While my Samsungs last firever, I don’t know

  • redraider133

    Will be interested to see how this performs. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and can improve upon the somewhat lack luster daylight camera of the HTC one

  • joseph barrow

    When can we expect it to be available??what size screen has it?id love to give it a go!!

    • surethom

      5″ screen, Sometime in March launch date???? They need to launch before or the same time as the Galaxy S 5.

  • john

    Here’s a thought. Why not publish your intensions on your upcoming model. Let the public review your intensions and provide mass feedback of what they would like to have in a phone. Manufacture a phone from the results of the mass feedback and sell the sh## out of it.
    Just thinking here…….

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Because that would show Samsung exactly what they are planning and give the competition the ability to match the device spec for spec.

      • kazahani

        Corporate espionage is a thing. If we peons know all these things about the M8, what do you think Samsung and Apple already know with their billions and billions of dollars?

        If a manufacturer were to ever take a risk such as the one john talks about, I would support them, and I doubt I would be alone.

  • enoch161

    Beautiful concept design. Should provide extreme competition between competitors.

  • Anthony Tyler

    Well I hope we can use both dual cameras with 6 ultrapixel for low light image an upgrade to the 4 ultrapixel from the HTC One plus a 8 megapixel that give good photos image like the iPhone 5s.This would make the HTC M8 camera a much improvement from HTC One from last year!!! HTC would be on top with it’s flagship phone for 2014!!!!

  • slimx30

    I love my htc one but im not a fan of this dual camera setup. It looks ugly. I will pass on this one if that is the final design. enough with this gimmick stuff. just stick to what you know works. no dual cameras. just a quality camera sensor at 8 megapixels works fine.

  • Colinmc8

    I love HTC. I will definitely be staying with them. But as the previous comment says the design doesn’t look good, at least to me. I don’t know how it would work but it’s good see new technology coming out. I hope to see a slightly cooler design for the m8. To be honest this looks photo shopped!

  • Dean Caldwell

    I’ll be buying one on matter what!

    • Dean Caldwell

      No matter.. I mean

  • donger

    Quit teasing us.