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HTC M8 possibly shows off its front in newly-leaked photos


There are countless rumors and leaks surrounding the HTC M8, and with good cause. It’s HTC’s next flagship device, and people are excited to find out if it’ll be a true contender in the next generation of smartphones. Earlier today we got to see some leaked shots of the back of the M8, and we heard that the device could feature a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. Now we might finally gotten our first look at the front of the device.

The images show a device very reminiscent of the original HTC One, complete with dual front-facing speaker grilles on its top and bottom. The software also looks quite similar, though the photos are lacking BlinkFeed. The color matches one of the rumored HTC M8 colors, which was dark gray instead of black. However, there are a few things that should be mentioned.


First of all, the screenshots look pretty unrealistic to me. They seem Photoshopped on, not that that’s uncommon. Plus, with the clock in the middle of the status bar and the on-screen buttons disappearing in one of the photos, it’s hard to say whether the shots are legitimate. It’s also strange that the time is so different, yet the environment is the same and it looks like the photos were taken at the same time.

In my opinion, we’re not looking at the final software that will ship with the HTC M8, though the hardware itself may be legitimate. Unfortunately, we won’t know until the device is official. Tell us what you think of this leak and if you think the HTC M8 will sell well!

Via: Phandroid

Source: Mobiltelefon.ru

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  • redraider133

    This is a great design. I would definitely buy one if it indeed looks like this. Hope they do go with on screen buttons instead of their old 2 button layout

  • Nate B.

    Either it’s fake, or they have something similar to the PIE controls like in custom ROMs, or you can do a little gesture to bring them up and hide them. I find the gesture as an extra step to do what we’ve already been doing. So I hope not. I guess we will see in the coming weeks.

    • mattcoz

      I was going to say that it might be using immersive mode, but the status bar is still visible. I’m leaning towards it being fake.

  • Brad L

    I like the look of it. I know it’s still an unofficial design, but I hope the official release is similar to what we’re seeing here, I’d be happy. As for sales, I know I’m planning on buying one. I’m sure it’ll sale as well if not better as the One has. HTC makes some quality hardware, and shouldn’t have any problems marketing this new phone.

  • xaml

    Is this in rendershrimp, I mean renderscript, I mean as flat as a pancake? It’s actually pretty decent.

    • xaml

      These buttons, however, wasted script, I mean screen real estate. Talking about bubbles.

      • lmax

        Do you know Squarepusher?

        • maxl

          If it aphex me, does it aphex you too?

  • Bart

    It reminds me of future iPhones I’ve seen on concept-phones.com. Just sayin’

  • Alexxx

    I’m looking at it and it feels so real, like the real thing. I’m not sure about the software, but it wont matter, I’m quite sure ill go back to apex for the launcher.
    This looks just amazing – it is the most industrial look i’ve ever seen, with zero space wasted not even room for the logo. That is what pure bred HTC is about, function, and underplayed true sophistication/maturity, whatever you call it, its amazing, I hope that this is it. One other evidence that gives me hope is the metal edges and how they tend to have a blue glow, like the pic of the housing thats been around for a while….my Christmas is in March, folks

  • Paul Atreides

    The nav bar doesn’t need to be so thick and maybe a little transparent. The bezels do seems a little smaller though which I’d prefer.

  • crnkoj

    it looks quite fake, the speaker grills are exactly the same as on the old htc one “m7″, even the positioning of the camera and the sensors on the top speaker are exactly the same…

  • Tma

    amazing design

  • rustic

    Completely worthless without great mini version. Pay attention, HTC, you’ll have another flop and money loss if you don’t make flagship mini version (no more than 4.5 inch) in cheaper price (no more than $500). You’ve been warned.

    • mattcoz

      I’m sure they’re shivering in their boots, the almighty rustic has warned them!

      Seriously though, I’m not quite following your logic. Why would anyone not buy this phone because there isn’t a different model available?

      • rustic

        Mysterious are the ways of almighty rustic. It doesn’t matter why, your puny logic cannot comprehend the complex conclusions and the forces of the market. It’ll just happen.

  • Anthony Tyler

    Probably so!!

  • Amir

    please decrease the price

  • donger

    Like it so far.

  • Cameron moore

    Does anyone know what the wallpaper is in the picture