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HTC schedules Reddit AMA for this afternoon at 1:30pm PST.


Still waiting for HTC to answer your tweet about when your Android update will be coming? Want to poke them to see if they will reveal any read details about the HTC M8? You’ll get your chance to ask HTC anything you want since HTC will be hosting an AMA session on reddit.com/r/Android  this afternoon between 1:30pm and 3:00pm PST.

We suspect HTC will be dropping a few teasers regarding the HTC M8 and its launch date, but don’t expect them to give too much away. If HTC agreed to give you an honest answer for just a single question, what would you ask?

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Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • John Hogan

    I’ve owned an HTC desire, two Samsungs and now the HTC one. In less than 6 months of use, all four developed erratic behavior such as heating, fast battery drain, spontaneous configuration changes and significant performance degradation. Is android fundamentally flawed? Or are the manufacturers racing too fast to release new models without adequate testing?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The issues you describe could have nothing to do with the hardware or software of the Samsung and HTC phones you’ve owned. Over the years, I’ve found that many apps have real issues playing nice with specific phones and can cause all the of the issues you’ve stated. It’s hard to pinpoint the culprit without knowing how the device is used on a daily basis and what apps you have installed.

      When I have come across similar issues, I always to a factory reset and install only re-install the apps that I really use on a daily basis. Surprisingly, there have been games that i did not use for months that were causing battery drain and performance issues on my phone.

      • John in Brisbane

        Thanks Nick. It’s made me tear my hair out. I’m about to factory reset my HTC One for the second time. Right now, I’m inclined to be a bit right wing here and put your answer in the “fundamentally flawed” basket – it makes Android look like a cobbled together work in progress. Which I guess it is. My thinking: OK, we’ve all benefited from the fact that Android doesn’t censor/curate the apps as much as Apple. That’s part of the reason I’m here but that approach really needs the safety net of extra processes that monitor the OS and identify when something is hogging resources or otherwise causing conflicts etc. Having to methodically work out what’s screwing up your phone is pretty poor, I’m on my phone a lot but mostly it’s just for calls, SMS and browsing via Chrome. My apps are pretty innocuous and in fact Chrome seems to give me the most grief!

        I’m old enough to have seen a few changes in technology and I’ve developed the belief that any change, no matter how awesome, that results in the loss or degredation of some important old capability, isn’t a proper advance. Smart phones are less reliable and have poorer battery life than ye olde nokia or motorola. I’ll trade battery life for have the web in my pocket any day but the loss of reliability is not good enough. I know Android is a bit like the linux of mobile OSs but it’s also the biggest now and I think it needs to now consolidate and mature. It’s only at the Windows 98 stage now – maybe with a nicer skin lol.

        BTW, I’m pretty sure two of my problems were hardware related – the Desire with it’s restarts of death and the GS2 with it’s charging issues.

    • Paul Atreides

      Listen to Nick, it’s probably some app(s) you’ve been using.

  • Ian Fergusson

    I have owned a couple of HTC phones and got the HTC ONE on release day which came with a free HTC flip case. After a week or two I realised that there were small imperfections in the plastic of the case which had dented the casing of the phone and taken the top layer off quite noticeably. The case then began to fall apart. I complained to HTC and they told me to speak to phones 4 you who gave me another case. This case had the same problem but dented and damaged the phone in different places and is falling apart and super glued together. I now have a phone that looks like it has been run over by a car but has always been ” protected” in the HTC made case. I spoke to HTC again but they didn’t want to know. I am seriously considering buying the M8 on release as I love the phone and traded my iPhone 5 in for the HTC One and much prefer it. Has the new HTC one got a more scratch resistant body to it? This is what I would put to them. Maybe a bit long winded?

    • John in Brisbane

      I think I scratched my One the first day lol. Then I got something I’ve always hated – one of those plastic bumper cases. They’re like the “crocs” shoes of mobile fashion …

  • Geah

    Where is my KitKat update…HTC Once AT&T…

    • ddroid45

      Being held up by ATT, I’m pissed off at ATT right now

  • ddroid45

    Hey what happen to the HTC hub, why can’t the hub come back and allow user to connect their phones and customize their phones. change the Notification bar color, add themes, apps, and widgets also remove any apps or functionailities add re-add them at will?