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HTC sort of confirms new One device via jabs at Samsung


Samsung and HTC are like sibling rivals in the mobile world, constantly throwing out jabs at one another. With the launch of the Galaxy S 5 today, HTC immediately took the opportunity to begin the assault on Samsung through social media. Unfortunately, they didn’t really think their first tweet through very well, and it ended up like this:


The problem? The Galaxy S 5 doesn’t go on sale until April, which means that buyer’s remorse is impossible on March 25. Ah well, at least they went back and corrected it with their next tweet:


What we’re really excited about is the fact that, in a roundabout way, HTC confirmed that a new One device will be coming on March 25, confirming our already strong suspicions. Adding to that, HTC’s Chairwoman Cher Wang today referenced the One as “the best phone” and said that on the 25th, the “best will be getting better.” If that doesn’t confirm it, we don’t know what does.

Are you excited for the new HTC One?

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  • Subx

    Would be nice if you posed the tweets here as you know, not everyone uses Twitter. I personally hate it and will never use it.

  • mike

    Putting one down to make yourself look better…think about that one guys

  • Chike

    Can’t wait for March 25th I’m sooooo excited!! #HTC

  • Steve

    Instead of saying why the m8 is better, they go to insult, which made know sense anways. The S5 is waterproof, what about the M8? The S5 has a 16 mp camera, what about the M8? The new S5 has the snapdragon 801, what abouthe M8? The S5 has an sd card slot and removable battery, what about the M8?. A screw Htc and Samsung, Sonys Z2 kills them both

  • R.S

    Lol @ HTC. You’ve been getting your butt handed to you by Samsung for a few years now and this is your strategy?!

    This time around, instead of making ridiculously STUPID commercials about trolls washing cars, talk about what features your phones offer, how they differ from the competition, you know things that will inform the consumer about your phones and make them consider them.

    • Richy

      These days people don’t need to be told anything by the folks building the phone. It’s obvious to anyone, who loves high end smartphones (and wants/needs a new one), where to get spec details, benchmark scores, and trusted/indepth reviews. My HTC ONE runs so, so smoothly. Basically, it is a beautifully designed thing; with a UI that is the greatest that has ever been. But…… I would say that !!!!!

      • ari-free

        If it was so obvious, HTC would be doing much better.

  • Dave

    Well the S3 and S4 combined have sold nearly 200 million globally. Sammy should have just posted a sales chart and a annual earnings graph with the title “LOL.”

    • redraider133

      Samsung should have responded and said “scoreboard” showing how much $$ they have made and amount of phones sold.

  • Dave

    Well the S3 and S4 combined have sold nearly 200 million globally. Sammy should have just posted a sales chart and a annual earnings graph with the title “LoL.”

  • MyMilan

    Are you excited for the new HTC One? Of course! My One is the best phone I’ve ever owned. Better than any Nokia. Better than any samsung. Better than any LG. Keep making great products and I’ll continue to buy them. Looking forward to the new HTC line up.

  • Richy

    Yep….tell me about it ! I adore mine too. Never gives me any trouble. It looks, sounds and moves beautifully; and is a joy to use

  • Igaal Naouri

    I thought the HTC Desire was the best phone ever till I bought the HTC One last year, I would love to change my mind again :-)

  • Paul Atreides

    I like this from HTC, but hopefully they’ll do more than bite at the ankles of the big dog this time around. Go for the jugular or STFU. The bezels and black belt on the new One better not be as big as the renders and Sense better be a lot slimmer than the new Touchwiz.

  • donger

    March 25th.