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HTC to provide major Android updates to future flagship devices for 2 years


HTC has certainly caught some flak in the past for decisions to stop providing major updates to some of its flagship hardware, including the One X, One X+ and One S. The company plans to make it up to us, though, because today HTC made an Android update commitment.

During an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, HTC promised to provide major Android updates to its future North American flagship devices for two years after their launch. HTC also shed some light on its decision to leave the One X and One X+ at Android 4.2, saying that it needs Nvidia’s aid to update the international models. Of course, the U.S. One X is powered by a Qualcomm processor, but HTC didn’t think that it’d be fair to leave One X+ owners behind. Due to the “huge stir” that this decision caused, though, HTC says that it’s looking into a way to provide an Android 4.4 update for the One X.

HTC has been pretty on the ball when it comes to updates lately by being transparent about its software upgrade process and rolling out prompt updates to its flagship One. That’s a trend that appears to be continuing with HTC’s commitment today, and I’m sure that this promise will get some consumers more interested in upcoming HTC flagships than they may have been otherwise. Of course, this certainly isn’t the first Android update commitment that we’ve heard, but hopefully HTC can keep up its update streak alive and follow through on this new promise.

Source: Reddit

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  • redraider133

    Good move by HTC. I know for some it won’t be enough, but hopefully they can stick to this and show they mean business. Now to see what they bring with the New HTC one.

  • Steve

    This is more like it Htc. How could you not update the one x+, it’s barley a year old? I am glad they care about their customers, maybe I will look at Htc again.

  • BK

    Heard this before. Not buying it.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Yup, they will have to show it by actually doing it.

    • Matt

      Will they give people a refund if they don’t. Didn’t they miss their deadline on the One?

    • Lewbie210

      This. I’ve had two HTC phones (one mid-tier, one flagship) that took ages to get upgrades and then weren’t supported much longer afterwards.

  • KC

    Do not be fooled by their loose promises. It’s all empty talk to gain market share.

    Google and every Android smartphone brands should be like Apple (for their iOS), giving up to 3 years or more, for system updates. 2 years is still way too short.

    • Luca

      Apple (for their iOS) doesn’t give 3 or more years of system updates:

      look at iOS compatibility chart and you’ll find out tons of features left out on updating a-not-so-old iphone to a new ios.

  • donger

    Way to go HTC.

  • Matt

    That’s better than what Google does with Nexus. Galaxy Nexus didn’t get 4.4 with a suddenly revealed 18 month rule that pissed off a lot of people

  • ElizabethJSowder

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  • Jeff

    Too late. Was a big supporter of HTC for 6 years. They always abandoned their flagship phones. When they abandoned the One S so fast, that was it. I bought a Nexus 5.

  • Chris

    Makes me wonder why they refused to take this position from the beginning.