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Huawei explains why MediaPad X1 is so much cheaper in China

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The Huawei MediaPad X1 is an interesting device. It’s considered a “phablet” by many because it’s the size of a tablet but made to be a phone. It features a 7-inch display with a 1920×1200 resolution paired with a 5,000 mAh battery to run the giant. And yes, it’s an actual phone.

The device will be priced at $550 for the LTE model, which isn’t so bad for a smartphone. But in China, the device is called the Honor X1 and will only cost $330 for the LTE version. China gets a huge discount on the device, while the rest of the world is purchasing it for a lot more. Why is that?

Huawei CMO Shao Yang says it all has to do with perception. In most countries, people perceive the MediaPad X1 as a tablet that can be used as a phone. Thus, the $550 price is justified compared to other LTE-enabled tablets. But in China, people view it as a phablet. Thus, Huawei decided to put it under the Honor brand and sell it for a much lower price.

The Honor brand is an online brand, which allows Huawei to cut costs and sell it for cheaper. This is also a way for the company to sell more devices in an extremely important region, and one that’s extremely competitive. I guess the phablet is in the eye of the beholder. While I’m not sure how I feel about Huawei making the device so expensive for everyone but China, I’d love to know your thoughts on the situation. Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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  • R.S

    How’s this for perception Huawei?

    I perceive that you are trying to rip off foreign customers while giving homeland customers a HUGE discount. Because of this, I won’t consider your product.

    Better hope China supports you because with an attitude like that I don’t think the rest of the world will.

    • TEXASMADE1978

      I agree 100%, Huawei is just trying to find a way to justify over charging Westerners.

    • azswift

      China has over ONE BILLION mobile phone user’s, so China alone could support a phone manufacturer. A phone brand could sell as many handsets in China as Samsung has sold Galaxy S phones worldwide if they could be the Apple of China.

      source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_mobile_phones_in_use

      • Ozzy

        Okay – trying to address some confusion – For those who don’t know this.

        Smart Phone, Tablet and Phablet market is very crowded in China. Among the well-known brands (like Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC etc etc….. this list is very long already) Huawei will have to compete with local manufacture like Lenovo, Yulong, Xiaomi, ZTE, etc etc.

        This is the first time Huawei is venturing into the Tablet/Phablet arena, so in china a very competitive pricing strategy will be used in order to succeed. Hopefully it does as on paper it does look very impressive.

        People are getting confused and comparing it with tablets, this is not just a tablet, it’s a full functioning phone as well — So best of both worlds. Although a 7 inch screen next to ones face will look a little stupid. Saying that there are so many accessories other there that will easily avoid this screen face scenario.

        For me it is important to know if there are any differences between the MediaPad X1 and Honor X1 apart from the OS language and if it can be upgraded to Android KitKat?

        • J.R.

          E-X-A-C-T-L-Y ! Couldn’t have said it better myself ! :)
          Also , there seem to be an AWFUL lot of talk about how this device would LOOK – to others – if held up to your face : really, THAT aspect ( which is purely from selfish vanity ) would be TOTALLY ELIMINATED using something called “hands-free” that is the new & up-and-coming gadget going by the latest rumours ->> [ irony off ].
          In short : The Huawei “MediaPad” X1 ( a.k.a. “Honor” X1 ) , is *the* device that’s SIMPLY COVERING EVERY NEED that I can imagine !
          And that at a price less than 2/3rds ( 66% ) of any comparable product !
          - – - Where can I get one ? ! – - -

  • Nikolay Stoyanov

    Looking at the pics, I am really impressed by the design of this tablet and am also glad Huawei have decided to give the slim basel tablet class a go. I love those. I actually own a slightly bigger one – the LG G Pad 8.3. I would be among the first people to pick one up when/if this gadget shows on our shores (UK/EU) HOWEVER:

    400 Euro??? 550 US dollars??? I hope this is a typo as otherwise it would be completely and utterly riduculous.

    The above mentioned LG G Pad – got this one from ASDA – the UK arm of Walmart – for GBP 180 (USD 300; Euro 218) sports a quad core A17 CPU (Snapdragon 600 – same as in Galaxy S4)
    LG tried this one at USD350/GBP 250 last fall with no success. It has picked up in popularity once discounted.

    Now LG are a household name in both USA and Europe. Huawei ARE NOT! If they want to make a name for themseves in those markets, they need to make better products than the competition and sell them cheaper.

    I see they are getting somewhere with the ”better” part, though to put an A9 CPU in a device scheduled to be marketed in 2014…..I don’t know what they have been smoking…

    Now about the ”cheaper” part – the Huawai Mediapad X1 could enjoy moderate popularity at about USD 250-275 in the States. In the UK/EU it needs to be around GBP 160-175/ Euro 200-225.

    Have no idea about the Chinese market, but have heard it’s quite competitive too, so I doubt they’d be very successfull there either at USD330.

    • qunow

      according to huawei’s weibo, actually some of their ascend products sell better in Europe than China despite they’re priced like 50% higher. So I guess this kind of overpricing does somehow work.

      And as for honor x1, i don’t think it really work in china because there are some tablet makers producing tablets with phone function at price of around/below 100USD with 4core, and depite they don’t have LTE, china’s LTE market had just kickstarted with many people still using GPRS/EDGE because the largest chinese operator use TD-SCDMA.

  • kiki.utena

    At the same time Qualcomm is going through legal proceedings for allegedly overcharging Chinese companies for their chipsets.

    Globalisation is a big frackin’ con.

  • hp420

    I’ll buy from a Hong Kong seller on ebay if I get one.

  • stopphubbing

    I don’t understand why the price is so different. Is it even more expensive than an iPad mini? But its specs seem better than iPad mini’s. According to the data from versus.com ( http://versus.com/en/apple-ipad-mini-vs-huawei-honor-x1 ), it’s battery, CPU, pixel density and RAM are much better. I will wait for more details.

    • J.R.

      iPad mini !?
      That thing doesn’t even have expandable memory.
      That thing doesn’t have anything near that battery capacity.
      That thing doesn’t have a camera worth bother with *either* front or back.
      That thing doesn’t have any phone capability at all. (And only the rediculously expensive “4G” version have even the possibility to surf the web away from a WiFi hotspot).
      That thing is so w…iiiiii…de that it’s almost weird trying to get it in your inner coat pocket.
      That thing can *only* connect by Bluetooth to other units made by Apple.
      “That thing” – is called iPad mini, and is the most overpriced , overly hyped-up product in its segment there is. At least here in Sweden.
      ->> Give me the HUAWEI X1 !!!

  • donger

    Their spoken english is horrible.

    • J.R.

      How’s your spoken Chinese ?

      • Rey

        LOL. I love your comment.

  • amelia

    maybe you guys don’t know how much an iphone sell in China. the official price in China is about 846 us dollars and about 616 eur.

    • igottalogin

      Assuming that you are living in china now. how much does this device cost you? Do you think it is sold cheaper in Hong Kong? The design is really impressive while the standards of the functionality are still unknown and I am somehow willing to give it a try.

  • dotcom

    Same question. Why ps4 and xbox one is so much more cheaper in US ???

  • Shashi Kiran

    China Unicom version is without Play store. International versions is with Play store. And moreover Local market is always cheaper. Because of taxes International versions is high price.

    • qunow

      then i don’t understand why it is more expensive in Hong Kong than China when Hong Kong is tax free and when you export a product from mainland china you can get tax refund…(China seem to have a VAT-like tax at a rate of roughly 18%

  • Kiu

    I don’t like Huawei explanation. They treat us those outside China is stupid. They should make everyone equal right with same price !!!

  • santa

    hey,, i saw the price of huawei honor 6 301 eor from http://www.ghdeal.fr/huawei-honor-6-4g-lte-android-4-4-octa-core-3go-16go-telephone-intelligent-5-pouces-13mp-camera-noir.html

    but i also hear about that huawei will public honor 6 plus in 16 DEC. and honor 6 plus will be the last phone in this year

  • pete

    This is an example of double standards for customers, I do not buy china products