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I spy with my little eye the Galaxy S5

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We’re counting down the hours until Samsung unveils the Galaxy S5 tomorrow, twiddling our thumbs waiting to get an official look at what is sure the be the most popular Android phone ever released. So how are we passing the time? Scouring the web for any signs of the device leaking out of MWC.

An Instagram video (that is now pulled) has surfaced showing off the new Samsung Gear with what appears to be a trio of Galaxy S5 handsets in the background. We don’t get to see the front of the device, but we get a good look at the back. At this point, we’d be blown away if these weren’t the real deal. They look identical to the Amazon Spigen render from a couple days ago, and very similar to a computer model of the S5 leaked by Sonny Dickson.

Thankfully, a mirror of the pulled Instagram video has been posted to YouTube. There’s nothing much left to say other than enjoy. Oh, and what do you think, white, black or gold?

Source: Reddit

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  • redraider133

    Sneaky, sneaky, Samsung.

    • jerrbomb

      Very much so

  • Curtis

    It’s frustrating that Samsung and Apple don’t understand the concept of change and innovation,Samsung with its designs and apple with its software.

    • Jake

      It’s the other way around. How could you possibly think that the Galaxy phones look too similar??? Have you not seen the iPhones side by side?

      • Curtis

        I agree the iPhone look similar as well, but same with Samsung phones, nothing had changes. At least with the iPhone the designs look nice an made some what different. I have the Note 3 now an there has really been no major difference. S3 an S4 look alike an it looks like the S5 will be the same.

        • masterpfa

          That’s my worst fear that the S5 will just be clone of a poor design the S4 which was a poor clone of a decent phone. For me the S3 worked, was vastly different from the S2 before and was a breath of fresh air.
          The S4 tried to keep a ‘Family’ design but, by this time, IMO, it is with the S5, it is right to move the design forward.
          I cannot really comment until official, but if it is more of the same I can safely forget about Samsung completely for my choice of phone. The S3 I loved, the S4 was sold in a week, the S5 won’t even get any of my time at this rate.

        • Robairto

          Yes, that’s called brand strategy. Get a case (like 80-90% of people do if they want a different look). Maybe Hello Kitty for you.

    • welcome to love

      you said it right!!!!

  • Eli Gaffke

    Who cares what colour, it will just get covered by a case right away anyhow.

    • Curtis

      Then get a brick . . .not everybody uses cases. Most people still want a phone that looks nice too.

  • BlazeHN
  • BlazeHN


    It also comes on blue…

  • MitchRapp81

    To this day I still don’t get why people get so excited over a Samsung Galaxy device. I’ve played around with most of them and not a single one came close to a Nexus.

    • SoRHunter

      You do need to tell what sort of comparison you’re doing. Hardware- and software-wise, top Galaxy devices are really good (except on the design and launcher fronts). Those devices are only trailing Nexus on Android updates.

      • MitchRapp81

        Whichever Galaxy comes out around the same time as a specific Nexus. I always have a Nexus, and whenever I see someone with the equivalent Galaxy, their phone just seems so slow, bloated, and low on space…

    • donger

      Exactly, there are too many Galaxy devices to keep up with.

    • masterpfa

      I agree, for my purposes no Samsung comes close to a Nexus (4 or 5), design, build quality and real world performance.
      For others this may not be the case but I am talking from experience of having had both S3 and S4 as well as retaining my Nexus 4 during that period with neither Samsung devices able to oust the N4 as my device of choice. That had only been achieved on the release of the Nexus 5,

  • MyMilan

    I agree with Mitch. Only the samsung sheeple get would get excited over something like this, and the samsung they got excited over 6 months ago – they won’t look at twice now… but Samsung has always been good at generating hype.

  • jerrbomb

    This is what I call a teaser.. Man.. Im so stoked right now..