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KitKat kernel source for the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 released, update coming soon

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It looks like Sprint is on a roll, because the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the carrier’s second Samsung device to have its KitKat source code released. Samsung released the Android 4.4 source code for the Sprint Galaxy S4 last week, making Sprint the first U.S. operator to get it. The full update started rolling out soon after. Even now, Sprint’s is the only US Galaxy S4 model to get the update.

Now it looks like the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 may soon follow. Samsung has released the source code for the Note 3′s KitKat update, which is available for download right now. As history has shown us, that means that the update should begin rolling out to users within the next few days. This is exciting because it shows a non-GSM carrier pushing out updates faster than its GSM counterparts.

I can’t wait to get the KitKat update on my AT&T Galaxy Note 3, but it looks like Sprint customers will get it before I do. Are you one of these Sprint users? Leave a comment and tell us when you start getting the update!

Via: Android Police

Source: Samsung Open Source

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  • chunkycheese

    Have note 3 I got it today my carrier is sprint I’m in NJ

    • chunky cheese

      Anybody else getting a silver shield in there notification bar at the top of screen saying check box and it won’t bother you for 30 days.

      • Nick

        Yeah im getting the silver shield myself, if you find out what the problem is plrase share.

      • Blake

        Hold and select the notification and then go app info, then force close it, it should stop it from coming up. It’s apparently a bug, it’s from the Knox security app, I disabled the app, and haven’t had any more problems

  • Robert

    I’m so happy with my Sprint Note 3. Finally, a phone that just plain works. I’m like totally stoked to be getting Kit Kat soon and I’m over the moon thrilled to be getting it before my Verizon and AT&T compadres. They’ve been hating on me and Sprint for far to long.

  • Angela

    I’m with Sprint in N.C & so far my Note 3 hasn’t received the update but I am so excited. Hopefully by Friday I’ll recieve it.

    • Curtis

      I’m in Charlotte NC, I have the Note 3 on t-mobile. Idk how you stick with sprint, I had at&t and just recently switched.

      • chunky cheese

        Cause I’ve had att t mobile Verizon and they all blow.

      • chunky cheese

        Cause I’ve had att t mobile Verizon and they all blow chunky loads. Lol

      • Robbie

        I’m riding with you. I’m with sprint in Chicago il and know i haven’t got the update yet but people need to stop hating on sprint their getting their act together and they will be number 1 soon. Note 3

        • elsantomoto

          Yes sir, they may very well be the best service.
          I was getting tired of them for a distinct lack of 4G service. I was using a Nexus S and almost never saw 4G, and was tired of paying for something I was never getting. But, I switched to the Note 3 about a month ago and I’m currently getting four bars of 4GLTE sitting in the same spot as I always have. So, this tells me it wasn’t Sprint, it was the phone.

          There was a program on NPR not to long ago discussing cell phone tech. They said that when the cell frequencies were auctioned off; back when TV went “digital” (read: started sucking even worse for OTA programming), the portion of the spectrum purchased by Sprint may not be the best portion for current tech, but it is the best portion for future developments in cell tech. Why, I do not know. Go to the NPR website and research the program. But, since Sprint is getting their Android updates out quickest and since Sprint is, apparently, positioned well to take advantage of future developments, I’m going to stick with them.

          I think I may even have myself a “SPRINT SUPERFAN” t-shirt printed up.
          Yeah! Go Sprint! Go! Fight! Win!

  • Nick

    Yeah I have the Note 3 and I talked to a buddy at the att store he said he heard next month for Att. Figures!

  • JaCorie Aaron Maxwell

    I have a Sprint GN3 and I haven’t gotten the update yet though

  • tony

    Disable watch on and the silver shield will stop.

  • Joe Costen

    Grinning from ear to ear right here.

  • Robert

    I have a sprint Note 3 in Appleton Wi. I have had it from launch day and am so pleased with Kit Kat coming to us first. Way to go Sprint & Samsung.

    • PastorDroid

      Robert you ready for the ice? Green Bay here. Go team Sprint!

  • Androidforlifee

    Eau claire here. 12 inch here we come lol. Anyways I’ve had note 3 since launched. I have att and I want kitkat NOW. Been waiting for months

  • donger


  • Isaac

    U.S. CELLULAR released KitKat for the Note 3 and the GS4 today, I already updated my GS4, and will update my Note 3 tonight once I get on Wi-Fi.

  • Logan

    Got the update at 11pm local time in Phoenix for sprint. Checked at 9pm and there was none checked back at 11 and there it was.

  • Delancey Cheeks

    There’s a 500+ MB update I’m downloading from Sprint for my Note 3 as we speak.

  • frankie

    Just got it now I’m in Chicago thx Sprint…

  • Curtis

    2:34am here in Des Moines and im downloading the update right now for my Note 3! Thank you Sprint and Samsung.. Number 1 reason I stick with Sprint!! Love this phone by the way…

  • Rob Z

    Have note3 in Baltimore got the kitkat update at 3am

  • maria

    My kitkat update today at 3.am is ok I don’t see to much different?

  • Brian

    2:34 am here in San Francisco, and my GN3 with Sprint is now downloading a 500mb update.

  • luis

    I was reading this so I went to check for updates and guess what !!! New update available I’m so happy it’s downloading right now 503mb file fuck yes

  • Manny

    GN owner here, Sprint is my carrier and I just got the update today. Everything went perfect, I can actually tell a difference in performance. I love it. Anyhoot… Florida Sprint users getting kitkat today!!!!!

  • dan

    Just got the update at 4:53am in denver colorado

  • EVK

    Downloading update right now. SPRINT in Indiana

  • Logan

    With kitkat I now have 2.71 gigs of ram instead of the 2.38 and it looks like it using ram better and clearing it down more.

  • Nate B.

    Downloading now while on java class. Unfortunately my schools internet isn’t that best. Might wait until I get home later today.

  • Cecy

    I have the Note 3 with Sprint and I’m getting the update right now as I write this. I’m so excited to see the new updates! 🎉

  • Cecy

    I got too excited about writing this comment that I forgot to mention my location. Lol. I’m in Los Angeles California.

  • Beloved Jordan

    I just now forced the update and it’s installing now, In Portland, Oregon.

  • Antonio

    I just got my update today on my Galaxy Note 3 with Sprint in Atlanta, Ga baby…✌😉