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Koush teases full Android mirroring over Chromecast on Google+

Google Chromecast

The Chromecast is a wonderful device that we’ve recommended numerous times. It was a great value when it launched last year for $35, and since then it’s only gotten better as more apps support its streaming feature. And since the SDK was recently opened to developers, we’ve seen a ton of new apps come out with streaming functionality.

Yes, the little $35 stick can do a lot. One feature that the Chromecast is still missing, though, is the ability to mirror the screen of our Android device. However, if a certain meme posted by a certain developer is right, we may soon be able to!

Developer Koushik Dutta, best known as Koush, posted a meme to his Google+ page teasing Android mirroring via the Chromecast. This means that whatever is on your display, including on-screen buttons, will be shown on your TV. The feature would be useful for playing games on the big screen, but outside of that,  I can’t see many more uses. Would you use a Chromecast mirroring feature?


Via: Pocket Now

Source: +Koushik Dutta

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  • Derrick

    1. XBMC
    2. Don’t need to wait for a developer to port their app to allow for chromecast support.

  • Trenton

    This will be awesome. I have a pioneer appradio 2 currently being run by a old galaxy nexus. If this works anything like wireless mirror link then it will blow my current setup out of the water. Appradio + android = awesomesauce

  • Wesley

    This would be a cool feature. I think it would be cool if they can cast a game to the TV and make the tablet/phone screen interface become a game controler.

  • Steven H

    This will be awesome depending on lag because it will bypass all of google’s TOS without breaking any rules.

  • BlazeHN

    Hell yeah! Finally I wiil be able to mirror my streaming sites (FLV), like anime and series (non Netflix, Youtube and such but unknown sites) to my big screen wireless, no cable mess. Sweet!

    • Frank

      You can do that… streaming a whole chrome tab, but from a computer, not a tablet. and it works fine!

      • BlazeHN

        Yeah but I want from my Android Phone, not from PC/Laptop, more handy.

  • kurkosdr

    “The feature would be useful for playing games on the big screen”

    “but outside of that, I can’t see many more uses.”
    A good use could be mirroring all those apps you have in your Android tablet (Twitter, IMDB, apps for gas prices, you name it). Sure, you could get the same information from a web browser, but it’s not the same (otherwise you wouldn’t have those apps in your tablet, duh).

    An interesting question is if video played by “video delivery” apps can be mirrored. In case there isn’t a Chromecast app.

  • Jimmie Burns

    It would be great to have a large screen that you could have without wires

  • Walkop

    This might make use of the new screen recording APIs in KitKat, meaning it will require root to fully work properly.

    That’s just a theory, anyway! I hope it works everywhere! 😁

  • arrowood

    What “ton of new apps” have we seen come out with Chromecast support since the SDK was released?

  • donger

    Chromecast is great.

  • Brook Marin

    for all of the video apps out there that don’t have chromecast integration yet… i.e. watchespn, cbs, nbc sports live extra (watch live olympics on your tv!!!)… right now i have to either hook up my computer or tablet to the tv to watch live olympic coverage. i’d love to be able to sit back on the couch with my tablet/phone in hand and change what event i’m watching

  • aranea

    This is a good feature to chromecast photos on TV. Or google should bring chromecast support to gallery app.

  • aboatright

    Imagine the control of editing png’s from the device on a 52″ TV!!! Lol

  • theomcbeo

    Mirror Android Remote Desktop Client (RDP) to Windows with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse paired with Android device… thin client.