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Latest leak offers clear view of the upcoming HTC M8

htc-one (27)

The HTC M8 is subject to an incredible amount of rumors and leaks lately, and today is no different. While we’ve seen everything from a mold of the device, to the backplate, to the device itself running what was claimed to be Sense 6.0, we’ve seen it all, But we’ve never seen it quite this clear.


This latest leak shows the HTC One successor in all of its glory, looking as real as ever. The front facing camera shifts the speaker grill a little, while matches an earlier leak, and the status bar sports all white icons in honor of the upgrade to KitKat. It actually looks like everything is legitimate.

However, I have a serious complaint to make here. The use of on screen buttons is great, and it’s something I’ve been asking of HTC for quite a while, but using on screen buttons also means making the bezels smaller. Motorola nailed it with the Moto X, making the lower bezel incredibly small. It looks like HTC decided to just take the physical buttons off of the HTC One and slap black plastic in their place. I, for one, don’t want a 5″ device with the physical footprint of a far larger phone.

But this may be our first clear look at the HTC M8. It’ll be announced soon, but until then, we can only speculate on what HTC will do with the physical design. But being this close to announcement, the design should be set in stone by now. What do you think of this photo? Is this a device you would buy, or is this just a tiny upgrade of last year’s model? Leave a comment!

Via: Phandroid

Source: @HTCFamily_RU

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  • redraider133

    Man that huge black bar where the Htc logo is.. What was HTC thinking?? Love everything else but that huge bezel kind of negates the benefit of on screen buttons

    • Alaa Ahmad

      It might be still capacitive buttons just like the logo on the HTC one

      • redraider133

        There clearly are capacitive buttons above it so why the need for the huge black bar? You can clearly see the on screen keys above the HTC logo. Seems like wasted space.

  • jerry

    This has to be photoshoped. There is no reason for that HTC logo to still be there. And look at the physical buttons. Right below the dock buttons? That makes no sence. Guess we shall see.

    • Lou Sasshole

      There are no physical buttons on the front.

  • Tony

    Couldn’t agree with the author more! I just don’t understand, small lower bezel is such an easy concept, and they decided to make it look worse then last years model so it’d actually be a down-grade. I’ll hold out hope maybe on their One Max version they get rid of the bezel cause I do like the all metal and on screen button and front speaker design otherwise.

  • BlazeHN

    I dont like on screen buttons, but this is even worse, like you get both of the bad deals, permanent black bar on screeen and permanent black bar below the screen, wtf. Hope that is not the real deal…

  • jamal adam

    Taking up 5%+ of the front just so you can put your logo on it is just very sad and disappointing. I would have at least expected them to decrease the overall size of the device so that it can better fit in the palm of the hand or add some screen real estate. Now my question would be, how did they increase the screen size while keeping the black bar, doesn’t make sense?

  • Vance

    They should do a cool onlay of the htc logo over the lower speaker grill and eliminate the mass of wasted real estate in this picture.

  • h0ruza

    This feels like a lost opertunity to improve upon last year’s flagship.

    Even the bezels at the sides look too big never mind the space taken up by the Logo which let’s face it is more than big enough on the back of the phone.

    We should all wait until it’s release of course but I can’t help feeling HTC can’t afford to simply shuffle the camera position and the speaker grill around to gain sales this year.

    The Nexus 5 would still be my choice over this on looks alone.

  • h0ruza

    I really wanted it to look like this.


    It’s funny how fan mock ups tend to look better than the real phones.

  • namesib

    Loooool virtual buttons + wasted bezel

    Samsung has it right.

  • L

    this is definitely photoshopped 100% .. if you click on the picture of it it’ll open up a new tab with just the picture and you can clearly see the pixelation around the on screen buttons and even some of the apps . editor should have used a different wallpaper to hide it better

    • BlazeHN

      I love you fine sir (no homo) I can cleary see how they just stamped those buttons and logo there. I feel relieved… for the moment.

  • donger

    I want this phone.

  • Troik

    L, what you call pixelation and think is a sign of photoshopping, is just the jpg compression artifacts. Might very well be that the low quality is used to hide photoshoppery, but not based on what you think you saw.

    I also exclaimed “what were they thinking” when I saw this and I too hope it’s not final, but if it really is, then what they were thinking might be that the One from 2013 uses a resolution of 1920×1080, the standard HD resolution, if you remove the black bar you would get something like 2100×1080, which is just not a thing and you can’t buy displays for that, so they could only have made the device smaller, which probably would force them to redesign the whole interior. So what I take away from this is that it apparently is not a new design and just an update an last years model.

  • Paul Atreides

    Evidently HTC knows we like black bars at the bottom of our screens so much they put one there permanently. Nice job HTC.

  • d bishop

    Guys this pic is wrong. Or fake. There is a real leaked pic of the m8 and there is no HTC logo on the bottom and The screen is edge to edge. Google HTC m8 and select images and look for the black m8 Ull see. This looks nothing like it.

  • Raoul Pare’

    Fake pic. Relax, the REAL M8 WILL be awesome. Samsung has it right my ass. HTC builds far better phones than Samsung ever has. If Samsung changes I would consider in the future. Owned many, always had issues with every Samsung handset.

  • Jay

    Isn’t that a go launcher wallpaper lololol okay this is so real

  • marinascarabeo

    Hi Everybody!

    I’m very new to this website, I’ve just registered. So I don’t have still a clear idea of how it works:)))

    I’ve a question which actually brought me here to ask your advice.

    I’ve got HTC desire 300 (sim lock orange moldova), which I’m trying to unlock (i mean sim network code). I already managed to unlock the bootloader with htcdev and root the phone (now it’s locked s-on). But this network lock doesn’tg go away:((((

    Is there any possibility to unlock this?


  • Josh

    It is definitely a fake. As others have said, if you click on the image to make it bigger, you can clearly see the pixelation due to a lousy Photoshop edit. The author should update the article as ‘fake’.