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Leak claims to show HTC M8′s on-screen buttons

PHOTOGRAPHER’S NAME with Creative Commons Image via: HTC Source

Since we learned that the HTC M8 could be the first device from HTC to sport on-screen buttons, we’ve all been a little curious to know what the setup would look like. According to HTC Source, this leaked image could be the HTC M8′s on-screen button implementation. There’s nothing dramatically different from Google’s implementation on stock Android with the Nexus 5 or what Motorola or LG have shown off on their latest devices. Honestly, just the fact that HTC will be returning to a standard three button layout (most of HTC’s 2013 models only featured the home and back button) is a huge victory in our books.

The only real difference in design between what HTC has implemented in the past can be seen in the back button. HTC Source put together a comparison graphic which shows the evolution of HTC’s button layout over the past few years.


Quite a few people still prefer hardware or capacitive buttons on their Android devices, but we actually think on-screen buttons do offer an advantage when used on devices larger displays. What’s your take on the HTC M8 on-screen button rumors and leaked image? Would this be a good move for HTC or should they stick with the same capacitive button layout they introduced on with the HTC One?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Saafa

    a black sense again! (i hope that )

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      22-0, man Peyton Manning is a horrible QB. He should retire immediately, what a loser!

  • CTown

    How weird was seeing the reviews on the HTC One with the menu button that was taking up the entire row? While these on screen buttons will pretty much looks the same as the old ones, they will be much better in practice!

  • Madpappabear

    OMG this has to be the most earth shattering news, please excuse I must get hold of my stock broker to buy HTC shares. Another rumour I have heard is that Mercedes are going to market a car with 4 wheels, doors and lights at the front.

    • John

      And your point is?

    • SBNation

      Shut the fuuuuuccckkkk up pig

  • Joshua Wise

    Onscreen buttons are the best way to go. I hope manufacturers drop capacitive buttons.

  • BlazeHN

    Wait, did I miss something? I totally hate that black bar with buttons taking space of my screen instead of capacitive buttons below and 100% my screen view all the time. I hate phisical buttons like Samsung home button, but capacitive ones are perfect for me. Can someone explain me why a permanent black bar covering 10% of my screen is a good thing?

    • Hamid

      Because when they fully switch to Kitkat then they can make those button disappear when you are watching youtube, playing games, etc. That way you have a device that most of it is screen and those capacitive buttons don’t take the bottom of the device! But they pop back up when needed

      Also you can set up gestures on the on-screen button like google Now!

      • BlazeHN

        That would make sense if the space where capacitive buttons were placed would be screen now, but look the Nexus 4 for example, the space still there just doing nothing below the screen and then the 10-15% screen canceled with buttons that could go on that unused space on the device below.

        • KingofPing


          In KK and with many apps themselves (Netflix has done this for ages) the Nav-bar completely disappears and the screen takes that space.

          Google “Immersive mode”. The buttons (and even status bar) disappear and the space gets used.

    • ravenous

      I’m really tired of hearing this dumb argument. You and anyone who thinks this way is just fucking stupid. On screen buttons wouldn’t take up any more room than capacitive buttons would because you’re REPLACING THE SPACE that has capacitive buttons previously with on screen ones. Why is this so hard to comprehend with some of you?

      And what has been previously stated already, on screen buttons can be hidden away say when you’re watching a video, so you do end up getting more screen real estate than with capacitive buttons.

      • jake

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  • surethom

    Nice hopefully this will mean the phones dimentions will be no bigger with the rumoured 5″ screen.

    I dont like the latest rumour from eveleaks that HTC will announce the M8 late March in NYC? Hopefully thats for an american version not the European version?

    • Gili

      That’s kind of the point of the on-screen buttons. It allows them to push the screen out to the edges so they can squeeze a bigger screen into the same size phone

  • namesib

    Urgh, awful.

  • HeadBlade911

    I don’t care either way just bring back the built in KICKSTAND!!

  • RonD

    Glad HTC is moving out of the stone age. It allows a larger screen on a smaller phone. We will finally get 3 buttons back, and get multi-task button instead of the stupid menu button. Plus there isn’t the extra hardware to sense and back light the capacitive buttons so HTC can make a bigger profit on the phones they sell. Now they just need an SD card slot and a removeable battery.

  • donger


  • John in Brisbane

    I think it’s silly that HTC just went with Google on the button placement, reversing years of ergonomic thinking. It was HTC that taught me that the “back” button was bottom right when I got the original HTC Desire! Samsung has stuck to their guns but not HTC. I’ve got an HTC One but the button placement is still annoying. It’s like moving the brake and accelerator in a car!

    • Greg

      The back button should ALWAYS be on the left side. Anything else is unintuitive.

      • jake

        Except that is harder to hit for a right-handed person. And since the back button is used infinitely more than the recent apps button, it should be more convenient to press than the recent apps button. And since most people in the world are right handed, well, you get my point.

        • J S

          Stats have shown that right handed people hold their phones in their left hand most of the times. That is natural also, since you keep your stronger hand free to do other tasks.