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LG to hold event on Feb. 13, G Pro 2 may be guest of honor


Get out your calendars, smartphone fans, because we may finally have a date on which one of the bigger Android phones of the year will be officially unveiled.

LG has sent out invitations for an event taking place in Korea on Feb. 13. The invitation doesn’t come out and say exactly what the Life’s Good crew has planned, but it does include the tagline “Knock-knock knockin’ on,” which is likely a reference to the KnockOn double-tap to wake feature found on LG hardware such as the G2.

LG recently confirmed that the G Pro 2 would be introduced in February, and so many folks assumed that the company would be making its announcement during Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. However, LG never specified a specific time or place, saying only that the debut would come sometime in February. It’s also worth noting that LG introduced the original Optimus G Pro ahead of MWC 2013, and so a pre-MWC unveiling of the G Pro 2 actually wouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Does the praise that LG has received for recent flagships like the Optimus G Pro and G2 have you looking forward to the G Pro 2?

Via: Mashable

Source: ZDNet Korea

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  • NVardan

    Hope that the G Pro 2 will be a really awesome device as the G2 is!

  • Nick Nat

    There’s a new android blog in town ,visit DroidAdepts(dot)com

  • donger

    LG stepping it up.

  • Steve

    I want to move from the Note to a Lg Phablet, but nobody else puts an spen in it. I think I need a spen to switch

  • Rising33

    I tell u this much. Ive had both the Note 3 which Im currently and the LG G2 and I love how smooth the G2 seemed to handle in everyday used compared to the N3. LG’s UI is cartoony looking but handles very well from opening apps to multitasking. The G Pro2 is like an amped up G2 and I will definitely ditch the Note 3 for that all day. The G2 seems to have better battery life and all together easier to use. Not saying the N3 is a bad phone by any means but the experience was better ( for me ) on the G2 so if that transitions over to the G Pro 2 then bye bye Note 3. Lg is doing something good to get me to ditch my N3 which I like very much.