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Moto X getting another spotlight story called Buggy Night

Motorola Moto X

Not too many people know this about the Moto X, but Motorola has preinstalled an app called Spotlight on the device. It stayed hidden, until one day, you see a little red hat playfully float down your screen. Personally, I was confused as hell. But pressing that little red hat opened an interactive animation called Windy Day, where you follow the mouse protagonist by moving your phone around to move the camera.

The animation was adorable and well done, the interactive aspect was fun, and the fact that Motorola put in something so unnecessary but fun was awesome to me. But now, after a while has passed, Motorola is almost ready to release the next animation. It will be called Buggy Night, and according to Motorola, is coming soon.

Keep your eye out for some random animation pop up on your Moto X, because when you press it, you’re in for a fun surprise. It looks like the latest animation is in the same style as the previous, so it should be good. What do you think of this feature Motorola included with its device? Leave a comment!

Via: Droid-Life

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  • 5up Mushroom

    I love this feature. I got my Moto X a few weeks back and was suprised, a few days in, when the red hat came floating across my home screen. It’s the little magical touches like spotlight and active display that phone makers should be working on. We’ve hit a point where processor specs, ram, and display resolution aren’t deal breakers with android devices and it’s going to take design and convenience and personal touches to differentiate a phone.

    • Marc

      I have to agree completely. Motorola has outdone themselves with this phone. I moved from an HTC One to it, and I’m honestly liking the X more. Superb battery life, and packed full of small improvements and features that make this little hunk of plastic much more than the sum of its parts. Spotlight was brilliant, and while not necessary in the slightest, adds a bit of flavour to the experience that other manufacturers simply don’t do.

  • Leanell

    Can’t wait!!

  • Rachel Robinson

    I love this feature I was on a bus when I first got the windy day animation. I kept laughing so hard had to close it and watch it all when I got home. I have showed it to everyone. I am so glad I with from Samsung to Motorola.

    • Rachel Robinson


  • donger

    Go Motorola!

  • Jeffrey Coleman

    Very cool!

  • Andrew Caudell

    Waiting to get mine in the mail… looking forward to this phone. I changed carriers, as well, to one with unlimited data so I can truly enjoy it. Looking forward to all the little Easter eggs.

  • thur

    Luv the hat. Looking forward to the bugs.

  • Allan Cash

    Waiting for mine to arrive. can’t wait

  • Tamara

    I just designed mine today. Can’t wait to start using it!!

  • Jon

    I actually got an update in the play store before I saw windy day for the first time, so I didn’t get the surprise others might have. It was rather entertaining and I think it’s an interesting addition to the Moto X, but makes me wonder how much storage space it’s taking up

  • Haley

    I was just texting someone, and had no idea about this feature! It crawled down my phone screen … I thought I had a virus but was so pleasantly surprised, haha
    I love spotlight!

  • Kerry

    Love it, love it, love it. But where does it go? I’ve had the hat and the bug they’re so cute, but they’re gone where do they go?

  • Darcie McGrath

    A little warning woulda been nice. I thought I had a virus.

  • HLT Whitehouse

    Does anyone know how to remove this stupid rubbish? I am appalled that this can happen without my consent.

  • paul

    how do you get rid of this garbage!

  • DeShawna

    Pretty neat & unsuspected… I’m looking forward to Buggy Night