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New details on the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera reveal “Side Touch” camera button

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera

As we get closer to Samsung’s next Unpacked event and the long-awaited debut of the Galaxy S5, more and more information about the device has leaked. The latest information relates to the camera and its hardware and software features. Probably one of the coolest features is the new “Side Touch” button, which is a replacement for the physical camera button that people have been demanding for ages.

This Side Touch button isn’t physical button, but is actually a capacitive button that’s reportedly completely hidden on the device. It’s located in the bottom right corner, which is where a camera button would typically go, and you simply tap it to take photos. It won’t work in portrait mode, Easy Mode or during video capture, but it’s cool to have nonetheless. Could this be a good selling point for Samsung? I do know a lot of people that want dedicated camera buttons to make a comeback.

The rest of the Galaxy S5′s camera hardware is exactly what we expect. The device is rumored to feature a 16-megapixel sensor capable of shooting 4K video at 30 FPS and 1080p video at 60 FPS. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of sensor Samsung is using, but I dearly hope that the company will surprise us with optical image stabilization.

Then there’s the software. As always, Samsung has stuffed as many software features into the device as possible. Adding onto the Galaxy S4′s plethora of camera modes, which are hard to find because there are so many of them, Samsung is reportedly introducing a few new ones. 3D Tour Shot lets you “create interactive virtual tours of your surroundings,” which sounds a lot like Photo Sphere. There’s also Focus Select, which allows you to adjust the depth of field.

Samsung is also expected to add some new visual effects and could also allow for the download of extra effects. The app itself will be changed slightly, mostly when it comes to its color scheme. Overall it sounds like the Galaxy camera experience is getting more robust, and maybe just a little cluttered.

None of this info is official, so take it with a grain of salt until the Galaxy S5 is officially announced on February 24th. What do you guys think of this info? Do these additions sound like big improvements to the camera experience or are they just more bloat? Tell us in the comments!

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Source: SamMobile

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  • thel0nerang3r

    Somewhat related. Has anyone gone from a HTC device to a Samsung device? I have a OneX and thinking of switching to the S5 when it goes on sale. How is the transition from Sense to TW?

    • Gary Acebuche

      The switch is easy. Very user friendly. You’ll be fine. And at the core it’s all the same anyway since it’s Android.

    • ihatefanboys

      Why not go from a ONE X to a ONE ? Much easier.

      • donger

        Agreed. You’ll never have the next big thing if they keep releasing so many Galaxy phones.

    • Tma

      I also think to switch from HTC to Samsung, but I like Sense and I hate TW. That’s why I was holding from Samsung till now, but as I see Samsung is planning to make better device than they had in 2013 and HTC is offering same device (except on-screen keys). I am HTC customer since Imate JasJam, then blackstone, HD2, Desire HD, Sensation, One X, One. Sadly I can’t see any good future for HTC in Year 2014. I am really royal customer, but main discomfort for me on new HTC one is HTC logo on front side of phone and lack of innovative features that were usual for HTC… That’s why I was considering Nexus 5, but it lacks software features and it will be boring FOR ME, so I have to go for Samsung and TW… That is first time I am switching to different brand and different UI. It’s hard for me but I don’t expect anymore that HTC will make any changes to leaked ones…

    • ChrisAre

      I went from an Evo 3D to a Note 3, and I completely regret going Samsung. I didn’t realize how much more boatware Samsung packs on. Touchwiz is an absolute mess and I’d stay away.

  • sivasankarapillai

    We will see after 24 February! ..

  • renyo

    But why? If only one mode supports it and I cannot use it with video or easy mode, why even bother putting a capacitive button there?

  • kstagg

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion; however having said that, here is mine – one more comment about how “terrible” TouchWiz is and I’m going to scream. I like TouchWiz. I think it is pretty smooth looking. All the people talking “bloatware” on Samsung products are the same ones who root their phones anyway and remove those offending apps (I do not, though have in the past with previous phones). Are your phones that much slower with them on? No.

    I have the GS3 from Sprint. Never rooted it since it came out. Works like a champ. Nixed the idea of the upgrade to GS4 as I didn’t think it was much of an upgrade. The GS5 – yeah, that puppy is going in my pocket.

    • Ryan

      Touchwiz is TERRIBLE…scream away :) From a usability and design standpoint, it’s absolutely egregious.

      • bashir4909

        TW is not that bad. Actually I like Nature UX. When it comes to smoothness, yeah you are true, because Samsung adds lots of features and software. But actually it works good out of box. But if you are app geek (like me, I have bunch of photo applications and games) and download loads of them then it will be a real problem.