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Nokia rumored to have three Android devices in the works, and one is high-end

nokia lumia

All hope may not be lost. A significant amount of information on the Android-powered Nokia X has leaked out that suggests that it’s a very low-end device with a dual-core processor, half a gig of RAM and a petty WVGA display. Our hopes of a high-end, Lumia-like Android device have been dashed. However, a new report has managed to raise our spirits back up.

We don’t know how legitimate this rumor is, but it makes us very excited. According to the report, Nokia hasĀ three Android devices in the works. The next handset is reportedly known internally as the “Nokia XX,” and the third phone after that has yet not been named, probably because the name “Nokia XXX” sounds a bit ridiculous. Each unit is expected to be a step up from the last, making the nameless one a flagship-tier device.

The new phones will not be shown off at Mobile World Congress along with the Nokia X, but are rumored to be coming this year. The Nokia XX could debut in May, while the third model one might hit in June.

I’m incredibly excited at the thought of a high-end Nokia device that’s powered by Android. Many Android nerds have been dreaming of such a phone, and it sounds like this may be the year that it actually happens. Hopefully this rumor ends up being true. Does the possibility of a high-end Nokia Android phone pique your interest? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Community

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  • Steve

    I would love to try a Nokia Android phone and I most cetainly would buy one for the wife because photos are her thing. I hope they make one with a 5.5-6 inch display, so I have can have one and a Nexus 6 as my primary

  • BlazeHN

    Like 3 years ago I would get a Nokia/Android device on sight, without thinking it much, it was what I really wanted, coming from my Nokia X6 with Symbian. But now I would need to observe it for a while first, sadly I no longer trust on Nokia at this point but I would really like to change my mind again since Nokia hardware rocks!

  • Steve

    I was also going tobsay, they should call it triple x. It sounds cool

    • BlazeHN

      No good for marketing reasons…

  • surethom

    Give me a Android powered Nokia with a pureview camera & xenon flash, 4.7″ screen 32gb.

  • redraider133

    I would love a high end lumia device like the Nokia icon they just released on Verizon running android. Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  • Tma

    Yes I’ve heard also that Nokia is producing high end device from insiders, but after your news before this I thought I was wrong . . . From insiders I know taht it will be amazing phone for android market, but I don’t know what Nokia knows about android market… I was Nokia customer before 2006 or 2007 (Latest phone N95). but today I know people from finland from Nokia headcounts… But I believe more in Androidandme then nokia… Sorry Nokia I loved u…. and please make me love u again and make me want to transfer from amazing HTC devices, as I have transfered to HTC after your death…

  • susanta adak

    sir,nokia android phone plz.

  • Lalit Mohan Kandpal

    Please update me about nokia

  • arif

    surprise !!! i love to use nokia with andriod power.. as nokia die hard lover want to back to numbber one.

  • mohammed

    well if nokia x comes with android, ill buy one for my sis i hope the produce it fast and ship it more country’s

  • Ladi

    Sorry, Nokia disappointed us dedicated users by ignoring android which is fast gaining the world market and consumer ease. I wonder if this prime of place can be regained with the dominant presence of china products in the android market, especially in Africa.

    • ayocuz

      Samsung once had a chance to buy Android and did not but look at them now just like what you were saying Nokia wanted no part of Android I just can’t wait in a couple years how the Android Nokia relationship will be Nokia could take samsungs place

      • donger

        Nokia needs to make more android phones. Samsung is dumping galaxies left and right every week it feels like.