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Nokia’s Android-powered Normandy to be unveiled this month?

Nokia Normandy casing

We thought the Nokia Normandy was a remnant of the past. A device built before the Microsoft takeover, we assumed it was cancelled and locked in a dark warehouse. We thought the Android-powered device would never see the light of day. But if this newest rumor ends up being true, we were very wrong. The latest rumor states that Nokia will be unveiling its Android based Normandy smartphone later this month!

The Nokia Normandy, rumored to be called the Nokia X at launch, will be running a forked and heavily modified version of Android. Think what Amazon did with the Kindle, but with even more modification. According to an earlier leak, the software will resemble Windows Phone instead of traditional Android. It is also said that there will be Microsoft services integrated into the software and a special app store containing apps ported over from Android. No Google Play here. And in terms of hardware, we may be looking at a low-end device with 4GB of storage and half a gigabyte of RAM.

This device is said to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, where Nokia has scheduled a press event. At MWC, there will be little focus on Windows Phone, and the Normandy will be the star of the show. But while a Nokia device running Android was many of our dream, I expected something more high-end. Are you disappointed that this will be a budget device? Or are you excited to see the direction Nokia is going? Leave a comment!

Via: The Verge

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • jamal adam

    Sounds to me like a bad attempt at making an Android smartphone. Makes me question their interest and seriousness in making an Android device. Perhaps it’s their attempt at a trojan horse of sorts by mimicking Windows Phone and trying to get people to convert to Windows Phone. Either way it’s not gonna work, in my opinion.

  • redraider133

    512mb of ram and 4gb of storage? Come on Nokia this is 2014 not 2011. Make a high end lumia device running android, not this what seems like poor attempt.

  • DS

    Too late. You have to be crazy to buy an Android-based Nokia now for obvious reason. Especially as heavy modified as announced. Who is going to update and develop it? Fixing bugs? Nokia was known for ignoring MAJOR software problems in their smartphones back when Symbian was their flagship, there’s no way I’m going to believe they will support this Android. Nice try Nokia, but I’ll stick with Microsoft, I trust them more than you.

  • Mohaned

    So I have read this and built my expectations that it will have downs and ups

    Ups : Just the best battery life among all brands, just what we’ve all known Nokia for over the time, amazingly pure camera and perfect touch screen

    Downs : Reduced performance because of the 0.5gb ram and I expect that it will have 1ghz single core cpu probably? Also 4gb of storage will be frustrating, also it would be better if they add good play store

    But other than that, I’m really excited to see it

  • Dan Jones

    If this is completely real (and that’s a big if), it’s a horrible idea for Nokia. They have to maintain that fork themselves (because you know Microsoft isn’t going to help them on an Android fork), and if they want to maintain compatibility with standard Android, they have to recreate all of Google’s APIs (and that’s a lot of stuff). If they don’t, developers are going to have to create two separate Android versions of their apps, if they want to maintain cross-platform, and why would they do that for a single phone?

    That’s just idiotic.

  • hurr durr

    4GB storage, 512 RAM, no play store, WP-like interface…
    Noice. So, exactly how much I’ll get paid for using it? =)

  • onyii

    I don’t see this going far..I think Nokia
    Is confused. Why a cloned android? Give
    Fans full android or better still stick with
    Windows. For me if its going to be called Normandy and not android then I think you just changed the symbian. Nup I will stick with my Samsung galaxy.

  • shitbox 369

    TOOOOO BAAAAD NOKIA WAS MERGED WITH GAYCROSOFT, if they’re not, I will buy it, of course, if that phone is mid or high end device, a phone with 512 ram is shit, android is struggling with that amount of ram. there will be a LOT of lags.

  • donger

    So nice to see Nokia make a Android phone.