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Pebble app update delay pinned on difficulty of coding for Android

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New for software version 2.0, the Pebble has finally received its own app store, letting you download apps for the smart watch in one location. But while iOS users have had the pleasure of using this app store since earlier this month,  Android folk still don’t have official access. In order to use the Android app store right now, you need to be a developer. Luckily, a Pebble engineer has spoken out about the delay.

Pebble engineer Kean Wong explained that it’s difficult to code an Android app that works with a multitude of devices. Since the app has to interface with the Pebble, it needs to work with various Bluetooth chips, versions of Android and so on. For a small team like Pebble, this is quite difficult.

I’ve heard this excuse a million times. I’m not denying that it’s true, but it becomes less and less valid as time goes on. Fragmentation in Android is becoming  a small issue thanks in part to Google’s API work, so most developers no longer have this problem. However, I can’t blame Pebble. We’ll gladly wait for the app store to launch. Hopefully it’ll be soon.

Via: Engadget

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  • Arthur

    This is where Apple has had the advantage for so long and why Google is finally taking steps in locking down Android more so than it has been in the past. This is also why the best apps more times than not start on iOS and either stay exclusive or develop an Android version down the line, in some cases very far down the line.

  • J3R3MY_H

    Here is a crazy idea that might work. Focus on Nexus devices and get a working stable app that can be released. Then start working on additional devices based on market share to add to the compatible devices instead an absurd “every device needs to work or nobody gets to use the app” mentality.

    The pebble app store requires iOS 6.0 or later so they were smart enough to only support selective devices on iOS but with Android, that concept is thrown out the window.

    • SGB101

      Sgs3 or 4 would be a better choice than the nexus. Bigger user base.

      I’m not the biggest Samsung fan, but the nexus pool is tiny in comparison.

      • Zak Issac

        That would just be unfair. Then Nexus vs Galaxy vs Xperia, vs etc war would go on. Better make it fair.. :)

  • BlueScreenJunky

    “I’m not denying that it’s untrue”


  • Jason Famularo

    As a mobile developer, I can’t stand statements like this. You know what platform I personally find harder? iOS. That’s probably cause I started with Android.

    What is more likely, is the developer started with iOS and didn’t plan ahead and is having a hard time porting Objective-C to Java or plain C++. The blame game is always easier.

  • Peter

    Sounds like nonsense to me. Does the new app do anything new with bluetooth that the old app didn’t? All that code is a year old. The beta Android app wasn’t even feature complete. It had pieces that just displayed a toast saying not implemented. Just poor laziness and bad planning it seems to me.

  • aranea

    I was thinking about buying pebble but now I don’t think so. If they are going to go down this path of putting android second thinking that they’ll still get android users’ money. Well they won’t get mine.

    • Zak Issac

      Hahaha.. These days, its rare that we android users get the apps first anyway.. Except of course from our beloved Google.. It’s usually been IOS first.. I got used to it anyway.. It’s still better to get apps late, than never, ahem Windows phones.. ahem..

  • fred

    The app store is working in beta and the new beta 9 is very stable and I am on a note 3

  • donger

    Have someone else figure it out.

  • Ted Brogan

    This is a case of very poor project management at Pebble and attempting to get a product rolled at at CES with an unrealistic start sell date.

  • Ryan

    God I wish tgey would bring support for Windows phone.