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Pebble appstore beta released for Android

Pebble Feature

I was a little bummed when I learned this weekend that iOS would be getting the Pebble appstore first. I was mostly bumming because we were getting one of those “coming soon to Android” stories that we hear all the time which usually means it’s really not that close. However, Pebble did us Android users a solid and posted a beta for us to play with Monday evening. Pebble Beta version 2.0-BETA8 is available to download and play with now, and it will finally update your Pebble to v2.0.0.

Since this is a beta release, Pebble has even listed some known bugs. If you find any not listed, you can help out the Pebble-Android community by emailing [email protected]. Here’s the list of known bugs:

  • The pairing process has some issues. We recommend first pairing in the bluetooth settings of your phone and then starting the pebble app.
  • You will not be able to configure an app if it is running on your Pebble. Exit the app (or watchface) before clicking the settings button.
  • When installing an application with the pebble tool, you will need to press the “Load” button on your phone to proceed with the install. Make sure the app is launched and in the foreground before you run pebble install.
  • getAccountToken() currently returns an hardcoded token.
  • If your are an Android developer, you might have the Android dev options of “Limit Background Processes” and “Don’t Keep Activities” checked. You need to uncheck/disable these to use the Pebble app.
  • The mobile app shows a “Settings” icon for all JavaScript apps, even if they are not configurable.

So, I’m pretty excited to play with the app. I’ve loaded a few screen shots of the new Pebble BETA. I’m really liking the new look and can’t wait to explore all of the new functionality. I like the dark theme it’s using and am looking forward to it’s full release.
To install the new Pebble BETA for yourself, follow the link below to the Pebble Developer Blog and download it there. You will need to sign up for an account.

So who else is stoked that Android got the beta today? Who else downloading it now? What are your thoughts? What are the first apps you want to try out with Pebble 2.0? Let us know by commenting below!

Via: Smartwatch Fans

Source: Pebble Developer Blog

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  • Chuxter

    Would appreciate a solid explanation of what Pebble is. I read this article and it’s not super clear.

    • geewhipped

      see the part at the bottom of the article where it says:
      and you can click on any of those tags? Click on Pebble.

    • Noblelox

      It’s wearable tech, last year’s failed fad. I’d prefer it if they didn’t make an Android app, as that makes us look as stupid as the iSheep.

      Takes just as much effort to look at it, as it does to look at your phone, exact same movement, only you twist your wrist the other way.

      I wouldn’t mind, but as watches go it is F**k ugly.

      • LukeD

        Nobleox, WTF are you talking about?? iSheep? you are aware that there is no iwatch from apple and that Pebble released this as a multiplatform device?
        It’s just the update that has ended up coming out on ios, soon than Android.

        if this is last years ‘failed fad’, how is it that Pebble is the most successful kickstart company to date, raising over $10,000,000 when they were seeking $100,000. Added to this, the release of their Steel watches at CES 2014.

        Do you even own one of these watches or do you just like post shite on things you know nothing about, all over the web…….in you have nothing constructive to add, then I suggest you reframe from posting anything….or would that leave you with nothing to do all day?

  • Joe

    Pebble Smartwatch.

  • donger

    Go pebble.