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Picture leaks out of next-gen Galaxy Gears


Samsung unveiled to the Galaxy Gear to mixed feelings last year. One of the most common complaints was that it felt like a beta product, not ready for the prime time. This year, Samsung has another shot to redeem the Galaxy Gear brand with the second generation. Rumors have been floating around that there would be two Galaxy Gear models released this time around and a new image leaked by @evleaks appears to confirm that with two models, the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo.


Starting with the Galaxy Gear 2, the design changes appear to be minimal from the original Gear. We still see a square display, silver face and a subtly toned grey band. However, there’s a new black bar above the display that could be used for a number of things and we’re not really sure what its purpose is. Below the display, there’s what appears to be a button which could be one of Samsung’s infamous home buttons and could also signify a change in the software if a home button is needed.

The second of the pair is the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, most likely a slightly lesser version of the Galaxy Gear 2. The design is similar to that of the Galaxy Gear 2, but the face is slightly smaller and features a darker grey rather than silver. On the Gear 2 Neo, we see the black bar on the Gear 2 replaced with a small black circle. Below the display rests what appears to be a home button that’s slightly smaller than the one on the Gear 2.

Aside from what our own eyes can pick up from this image, there’s not much else too know about these devices. Many of the details are still under wraps but that should change during this upcoming week with Mobile World Congress right around the corner.

Do you think that you’d be interested in either of these smartwatches from Samsung?

Source: @evleaks

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  • JQuest81

    Well. If these are the designs, it looks like they still haven’t taken that class in aesthetics yet…

    • Frediano

      Remember those first cell phones from the 80s, looked like a brick with an antenna in it? These things remind me of one those strapped to your wrist. I asked a salesclerk in a Brooklyn phone store how these things were selling, and she kind of scrunched up her nose and said “not so good.” What tool would actually wear one of these things? What were they thinking?

    • Yawwwn

      I mean honestly…. how else do you design an electronic device that fits on your wrist??? It’s not like they can both have it look like a rolex AND still function as a smart device…… Get real.

      • JQuest81

        Why so angry, dude? No need to get all indignant because I have an opinion and I just happened to give it in a snarky manner. I’m sure someone will come along and make a smartwatch stylish AND functional. Pebble Steel came pretty close in my opinion.

  • Steve

    I will definitely compare it to all the other choices before I buy one. Hopefully this one will be cheaper because pebble comes in at half the price. Samsungs infamous home button? I like that button!

    • Yawwwn

      that’s because the pebble can’t do anything. At least this device has some functionality to it… especially when you put a full android rom on it.

      And it is SOooooo easy to root and hack. Easier booting a PC.

      • Yawwwn

        **easier THAN booting a PC

  • STL

    As expected, fugly and without class

  • James

    @STL What exactly are you expecting a smartwatch to look like? A friggin’ Rolex? If you have better ideas on how to implement a camera, bluetooth functionality, a curved (durable and relatively unbreakable) touch screen, then by all means, start up a kickstarter with your brilliant idea and maybe someone will pick it up.

    • Yawwwn


      People are dumb. Probably Apple astroturfers anyway.

      • JQuest81

        I actually prefer Samsung devices (and Android as a whole). As a matter of fact, I’m typing this on my Note 3 now. Even more, I bought the first Gen Gear. Just because I happen to have an negative opinion (I have a right to that, remember?) on the aesthetics of something that will end up on my wrist, doesn’t make me dumb, let alone an advocate for Apple.

    • JQuest81

      The pebble steel looks pretty slick, though not for me… I’m not much for the design of this iteration the gear either but it does look better than the first one and I’m end up getting one for the functionality alone. The reason I pretty much bought the first one.

  • Romy

    If it’s not a stand-a-lone watchphone I will not buy one. I already have a GD999 stand-a-lone watchphone and it works well but I would like an apple iwatchphone stand-a-lone.

    • Yawwwn

      Why does it need to be stand alone? I’ve hacked my gear to run a full version of android. And it shares the internet through bluetooth. All the functions still work where I can accept calls through it.

      Why have it be standalone? You need yet ANOTHER phone line to add to your monthly bill??? FPpppppp

      • romy

        no , I only have one phone line and I only carry one device, my watchphone. I do not have or need to carry a samsung phone in my pocket in order for my watch to work. It defeats the purpose to have a smartwatch if you have to carry around a smartphone to sync the watch. I now have a stand a lone watch phone , it works great but i want to upgrade to a iwatch if apple ever makes a stand a lone without having to sync and carry a extra expensive iphone in your pocket inorder for the watch to work.

  • Alfredo Caceres

    all it takes is a partnership with citizen or bulova… a plastic galaxy s4 or note 3 is one thing, but a g shock looking watch does not know very well with a 3 piece suit, ie. 007… now I don’t wear a 3 piece suit just a shirt tie and blazer but hey sometimes I wear a vest so I want a watch that looks the part…

  • renyo

    At least they got rid of those godawful screws… I don’t know if that bulging camera would still be there…

  • Will


  • GE918

    I’m enjoying my Galaxy Gear. While people have different likes and needs there’s no need for name calling because it only exposes their maturity level.

    • GE918

      their should say your.

  • donger

    Almost the same as the one before it.