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Samsung makes the Galaxy S5 official, focusing on usefulness rather than specs

Samsung Galaxy S5

What do you know, rumors aren’t always true! Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Galaxy S5, and it isn’t very much like the rumors stated it would be. In fact, it’s quite conservative even compared to many of the believable rumors. However, it still looks like a pretty decent upgrade to the original.

This flagship device features a 5.1-inch full HD 1080p Super AMOLED display, a 2.5GHz quad core processor (Snapdragon 800 or 801), 2GB of RAM, a choice of 16 or 32GB of memory with a microSD slot, a 16MP camera, a 2,800 mAh battery, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat running TouchWiz on top. The specs aren’t amazing by any means, but there are some cool features. The rear door is removable and features a water seal, making the device water and dust resistant to an IP67 level. It also has a heart rate monitor next to the camera flash, making it a more heath focused device, and a fingerprint scanner for security.

It looks like Samsung is changing its focus from specs to more useful features, trying to make the Galaxy S5 flagship as feature packed as possible. There is category 4 LTE, WiFi MIMO, and the ability to combine the use of mobile and WiFi networks for faster downloads. It’s arguable if that’s a good thing, but that’s up to you to decide. What do you think? Is it a disappointment, or is Samsung moving in the right direction? Leave a comment!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue Samsung Galaxy S5 Gold Samsung Galaxy S5 White

Source: Samsung Mobile Press

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  • skugern

    Oh, not disappointed at all. Still the best top-end phone with microSD support. I’ll certainly be upgrading to the S5.

    • James

      The xperia Z2 is a better phone in my opinion. Will like to see Samsung’s new UI. I work in a phone store in the UK and the Samsung has sold far far less since Sony released the Z1 compact. the regular user likes small and powerful. The water feature sells is a good move by Samsung because it definetley sells phones. Not sure the heart rate wouldn’t sway me but it’s nice to have on the device.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        Completely agree. Sony is at the top of its game right now and the Xperia Z2 is currently leading the charge. can’t wait for Samsung sales to drop off in 2014 as Sony pushed up the sales charts. All Sony really needs to do is get the Xperia Z2 on all four major US carriers and they’ll have a massive hit.

    • Curtis

      That’s a joke right? It’s the exact same as S4 except the back looks like a bandaid. Def. sticking with my not 3.

    • _____________

  • lg

    wait for the G3

    • the Cat

      Agreed! – Wait for LG G3
      The S5 was launch and the crowd of 5000+ was’nt very impressed! We will have to wait for what the competitors has to offer to decide. It is really a pity Samsung that you did not sell us S5 without any doubts. This launch should have been bang and WOW that cause all potential buyers to just forget about any other competitors and just go get the S5. But at last, this is not the case in this bad launch. If they think they have a premium S5 set under wraps, that would be a very bad and unwise marketing strategy as the whole world was waiting so eagerly for this S5 and it drop like a “Oh well just another high end phone, nothing really special”. Have’nt they read of the saying strike while it is hot!!!. If the Ram was 3G and battery was 3200mah, I would go for it even if it is not so nice in design. But then, there are no redeeming factors on S5. What main features available on S5, they are on the other similar competitors handsets (LG Pro G2, Xperia Z2, HTC M8). This is a sad story for S5 launch.

      Note: Heart beat and finger scanner is just gimmicks. I do not have top secret info to hide and what makes you think your phone can be protected by the finger scanner when any app can easily access your contacts or browser history or SDcard if permission is granted. No smart phone is completely secured. The finger scanner is just a sales gimmick! Do not let this be a purchase factor. Screen size, Battery capacity, System memory

      and less bloat ware is what counts.

  • scotbotmosh

    Blech..this thing is ugly.

  • ranger67

    Yes, I would buy it. I like the specs, but some of the “useful” features are quite intriguing, particularly the water/dust resistance and heart rate monitor. In my case, my wife and I each have phone upgrade capabilities and one of us gets a new phone every year. I currently have an S4 and find that for my apps, it’s perfectly capable. The systemic bump is not overly necessary and the health friendly features really start to come forward…. Besides, I’ve gotten caught in the rain during a couple of runs and the water resistance would be a REALLY good thing. :)

  • James

    people seem to be bored of the Iphone which is nice :D but lots of people are fed up of Samsungs battery problems

  • mosrt

    worse than z2 will be a huge failure in sellings

  • James

    people that don’t know what they want are usually swayed by numbers. Real phone users understand that numbers are not the key factor but Joe blogs off the street likes big numbers and that may effect Samsung sales. Android devices don’t have that extreme brand loyalty like Apple due to the platforms flexibility

  • BlazeHN

    Totally ugly back cover… good thing you can change it or cover with case. Anyways dont see any important improvement over S4 honestly. Will keep my Note 3 and wait for Note 4.

  • Carlos

    no Exynos 64-Bits… i will stay with my S4 then

  • sknoslo

    It looks so much like the earlier Galaxy S 1 and 2 devices… which is a major back track compared to the much prettier 3 and 4. Maybe I just need to see one in person, but dat bezel. Yuck. Some of the features seem like a nice addition, though.

  • sezer karaoz

    When did specs started to get so important? Don’t get me wrong, i own a LG G2 and bought it for the snapdragon 800 and 2 GB of RAM. But exactly after 3 months of getting the phone i still have to use the processor and memory to the fullest, and that is not going to happen while browsing the internet, checking facebook, sending dirty texts or playing farm heroes saga.

    What use do all those high-end specs have if there are none to very little optimized apps for the platform? I’d rather see less graphically intensive games that give me hours of gameplay rather then a console-quality game on my 5.2 inch screen that will be over in 1.5 hours.

    Samsung is trying to head into the Apple hallway, where specs dont matter and customers are loyaly bound to the brand of the phone.

    • Subx

      I agree with you totally. Everyone is talking about needing a massive increase in specs, Eg CPU and RAM, but why is is so hard for some to understand that KitKat does not require these super high end specs. The major feature of KitKat is that is can run on low to mid range specs. So why throw in a huge power hungry CPU feeding from 2800mAh battery when the OS simply does not need it?
      Its like throwing a V8 5Liter into a Scooter!

      I bet you will find that the 800 rips shreads with KitKat as opposed to JB.

      It’s not always about size, it’s about how you use it!

      • shrkn8r

        but that would be an awesome scooter

  • kazahani

    Why is the phone larger than the GS4? Look at them side by side. They made the body of the phone larger, and the screen size only went up 0.1 inches… They GREW THE BEZELS. Ew.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Yeah, that might be the worst part about the device to me. I hate thick bezels and overly large devices.

      • _____________

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    So there is no premium S5 with metal or anything like that? Wow, kind of a let down, a surprise in the worst way.

    Water and dust proof is nice, but I’m surprised they made the phone larger than the S4 and couldn’t get to the 3000 mah battery size. At least it’s larger than the S4 but I really don’t see this as a big upgrade from the S4. So glad I went ahead and got a G2 off contract on Verizon. I wonder what beast of a phone the G3 is going to be – this could be LG’s chance to shine (outside of Nexus devices that is).

    • Steve

      Check out the z2. I think it is my choice over the s5 abd m8. And thank god, the z2 cones with an sd card slot now. I am making the move to Sony I think

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        How can you choose over the M8 when specs haven’t been confirmed? But I definitely agree with you that the Z2 is better than the S5 though, in design and hardware.

    • donger

      Samsung is not gonna show the “premium” S5 yet. They’re gonna wait. There’s still too many Galaxy phones they have to release throughout the year.

  • Steve

    What does he mean?? The s5 is going to be running at 2.5ghz, thats more than anyother phone on the market. Even the m8 is clicked at 2 3ghz with a 13mp camera while the s5 has a 16mp. So far the Z2 is the greatest newphone on the market. I think I will get thez2 if they make one with a 6 inch screen

    • James

      Maybe a new beefed up Z ultra, but OMG it’s huge

  • Andrew
  • sere83

    Easily the most disappointing flagship release possibly ever. A total abomination, looks like the designers were blindfolded when they made this, they actually even increased the bezel size. Just horrendous. Looks like a goophone or some other kirf.

    And after all that rubbish spouted by the CEO a while back about ‘premium’ this and ‘metal construction’ that. Incredibly poor even for the masters of underwhelming product releases

  • jamal adam

    It seems like Samsung really needed some band-aids lol. I feel that the Xperia Z2 was the best so far.

  • elsina

    I like it. But what some people expect is a quantum pc smart phone. Would I buy maybe not I own the s3 and I don’t like it anymore. Maybe another gpe edition with all the added features at the nexus price, with out knox on it.

  • Dwayne Nurse

    this is good and am very much obsessed with samsung over the fruit phone anyday but why use a finger print feature just as the competitor come on invest in sumn new plzzz u have millions of fans take some ideas from us plz am not that enthusiastic about the s5 anymore i expected something out of this world REALLY but i am looking out for the note 4. this is a feature i will like to see my phone recognizes my touch wen i hold it in my hand or something i dont know samsung

  • latouffe

    Wait what?! Really samsung really?! Are you going the Apples path? Adding nothing new to the phone and releasing it every year? Ok you have the finger scanner and the heartbeat monitor. But how many of you will use it?! Still 2 gb ram, still the shitty Knox, still the same screen. All the “special” apps will be available tomorrow under a different name.

    But could you tell me whats the “Toolbox” option in settings at 1:41 ?

    PS: i think the only great “feature” is the usb 3.0 :P
    Ps2: The Samsung Fit looks refreshing and stylish! I would buy one if not one simple Con – Not running Android! Im sorry but im not an Isheep and i like to customize my android device. Tizen and Knox are just devilspawns.

  • marco

    Why would they care so much about putting features on phones that have nothing to do with phones? Heart beat monitor really and finger print scan? My data is not that special to need a finger print scan,no ones is! So now that they want bio feed back on their phones who else possibly is it going back to? NSA? These are not about packed features they are about compiling as much bio data possible. Clearly!

  • Bill

    Total Freaking disappointment by Samsung. This phone isn’t that much different than the S4. I’m totally let down and doubt I’ll be buying the S5. Might be time to jump ship to another phone.

  • skyflakes

    Ehhh. Those bezels are huge. Sticking with my G2.

  • Suraj Lekhak

    At this weak point of Samdung Now apple will kick with its full power,I believe. Iphone 6 will prove to be a nitroboost for Apple in the race. This year Apple stole the show.
    S5 is not even better than Note 3

    • Subx

      Yes it will be just like every other iPhone. Nothing unique between them, nothing special, just a piece of crap, poorly made sheep following hunk of junk.

  • morzamen

    Galaxy S5 it’s waterproof :-)
    Samsung is not waterproof :-(
    Goodbye Samsung, shame on you!
    Long life G2…

  • rtech

    After a year or two we will point out s5 the reason for samsung meeting nokia’s fate
    I had all s series phone but this time it wont be s5 it definetly going to be 5s

  • RB

    Well I agree I think I’ll wait to see what the note 4 brings
    Who cares about a heart rate or finger scanning.I have the s3 samsung should have worked on : better speakers, better screen, better processor, ram
    Samsung Apple is going to put you in their rearview mirror if you get that crap up

  • promediax

    Samsung clearly messed up with there premature release
    The phone in specs mearly differ to that from s4 or note 3
    and even though nearly all there customers complain about
    the cheap plastic look for high end money the dont seem to be interested
    And just because they add a bit a silly gimmics in form sensors and even more bloatware
    still does not make it a flagship.
    I have been buying samsung now for 5 years but my note 2 was
    definatly the last after another predicted disapointment.
    I will get either the sony z2 or wait on htc m8 but no more plastic shit.

  • Michael Dennique

    Samsung S5 was a total let down. Yes they improved on the camera and health related issues. The design failed miserably. It was like looking at the Samsung SII LTE I bought a few year back, at least I was impressed with that model until I bought the Note II.

    The NOTE II spoiled me and even the NOTE 3 should have been bigger with 64 Bit Architecture as well as the display resolution.

    If they don’t improve the design on the NOTE 4 with a Brilliant resolution display along with 64 Bit architecture, wider size as well as length plus USB 3 and at least a 4mp front camera at least 16- 20 rear camera mp + 64GB or 128GB internal storage I will stop buying Samsung all together.

    I’m a Huge Fan but Samsung is letting me down hard with the latest releases.

  • khadir ahmed

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