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Samsung names multiple Galaxy devices that will be updated to Android 4.4.2

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We haven’t seen many Samsung products receive updates to Android 4.4 ever since the new version of Google’s mobile operating system was introduced last year. The Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition was treated to some KitKat in late 2013, and the Sprint Galaxy S 4 recently got its own helping of Google’s newest dessert, but that’s about it so far. The good news is that Samsung confirmed today that it’s planning to update a number of its Galaxy products to Android 4.4.2. Here’s the list of U.S. devices that’ll receive the update:

  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy Note II
  • Galaxy S 4
  • Galaxy S4 mini
  • Galaxy S4 Active
  • Galaxy S4 zoom
  • Galaxy S III
  • Galaxy S III mini
  • Galaxy Mega
  • Galaxy Light
  • Galaxy Note 8.0
  • Galaxy Tab 3
  • Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition

The update to Android 4.4.2 will bring with it several new goodies, including a Location Menu with toggles for GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks, the option to change a device’s default messaging app, upgraded Google apps and a “more intuitive user interface. Samsung says that its KitKat updates will begin going out today and continue flowing throughout the coming months, with exact availability varying from carrier to carrier.

Good on Samsung for sharing a list of all the U.S. Galaxy products that’ll receive Android 4.4.2 rather than leaving its customers wondering and waiting. While it’s not yet known when most of these updates will actually begin rolling out, at least owners of these devices can rest easy knowing that they’ll get the chance to sink their teeth into some Samsung-flavored KitKat at some point in the future.

Do you have any Samsung devices that are slated to receive Android 4.4.2?

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  • Broseph Stalin

    Samsung may not be the quickest, but I’m pleasantly surprised by some of the lower-end devices on the list. Good job.

    • Luc Verhoeven

      cause kitkat is lighter to run

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Anyone else completely surprised the S3 is on here? Makes me have less patience with LG updating the G2 now. Suddenly my old S3 on 4.3 feels nicer than my G2 on 4.2.2… from a software standpoint that is.

  • Zman1940

    My Verizon Galaxy S4 is patiently waiting. Hoping that KitKat doesn’t eliminate my “Gallery” as it did on my LG GPad 8.3GPE. I don’t like being forced into Google+

    • joseoh

      So why don’t you just save all pics to your sd card?

    • joseph

      So why don’t you just save all your pics to your sd card?

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I don’t think the update would eliminate your Gallery since it’s not a GPE phone. When my S3 updated to 4.3 it still had the stock gallery as well as the Google Photos app. My G2 on Verizon (but on 4.2.2) has both a stock gallery app and the Photos app.

  • Steve

    Way to go Samsung, you are the very best at updating. Anybody that doesn’t think so, who is better? Htc isnt even updating year old phones and Samsung is still updating 2 year old phones. I guess I will stick with Samsung after all.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Samsung used to be one of the worst when it came to updating, I feel like that all changed with the S2 and later models.

  • anser

    i m using samsung s duos…i want to real jellybean…pls help me…

  • Sam G

    No Galaxy SII, i thought better off you Samsung :(

  • Eduardo

    Ok, assuming U.S. stands, as usual, for United States, my question is: what about these same devices in different countries? I’m still trying not to go nuts about having 4.1.2 on my S3 mini while my old ZTE Blade has proven itself more than capable of running 4.4.2.

  • fitim

    hello i have a samsung galaxy trend s7560 and it have a android v.4.0.4 ics, why you dont have update this in jelly bean 4.2 or 4,3 or 4.4 kitkat im really vont thiss please Updateeeeee….

    • Dovy

      Buy a samsung galaxy trend plus and you will get android 4.2.2 and 1.2ghz dual core proccessor :)

  • Corey

    No Love for the Tab 2 10.1

  • donger

    Good job Samsung.

  • latouffe

    Maybe they have a long list of devices but what difference is it make if they will release kitkat in at least 2 years? [irony]

  • Spanky

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the oft-discussed deal that Samsung and Google signed within the last few weeks?

  • GE918

    I was hoping that my S2 would get updated but that was wishful thinking. As long as my Note 3 gets the update I’m satisfied. Now bring it on Samsung!!!!!!!!

  • Jash

    Will samsung grand duos recieve kitkat update ?

  • Deidentified

    Was kind of hoping they’d do some older devices too. My S3 barely makes the cutoff.

    I have a Galaxy Tab, GT-P1010. Can you guys upgrade that too. Pretty please?

    • Steve

      Beggers cant be choosers. Be happy your two year old s3 is getting kit kat at all. Know other company is updating 2 year old phones

  • Sam

    Will grand duos can receive 4.4 update too

  • Rocky

    can i get update for my Galaxy s duos 7562,
    and if yes then how much time i have to wait for it..???

  • ajsdhdhddh

    We need kitkat update for s duos 2.

    • ayush

      I bot s duos 2 a month ago with 4.2.2 , when will they update it to kitkat? ?

      • user

        S Duos 2 will not get any further Android update

  • John

    My Galaxy S4 was update to 4.4 a few weeks ago, and I have been waiting for my Tab 3 WIFI to be updated. Today, I saw a big system update being downloaded, 149 mb, and I thought it was 4.4. After the final reboot, and “optimizing” my apps, I checked the “About Device” and saw I was still on 4.2.2. So I’m not sure what was updated, but it wasn’t Kit Kat.

    Still waiting.

  • jignesh thorat

    my phone s dous ……no update any os…..phone storeg low…….can’t move apps extsdcard……big i can not play…my phone s dou….sss

  • Gyula Pajor

    Galaxy s duos 2. 7582. Kitkat update???

  • @fritz

    Soo just like that i wasted my fucking money on buying an tab 3 lite and they dont give me a fucking kitkat update this is bullshit i should have bought an ipad !!!!!

  • @fritz

    And they are fucking giving the s3 a kit kat what a waste of money this has been to me

  • sa

    how to update kikat verion in galaxy s dous 2

  • anuj


  • Dale

    How about Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 ????? Their will be updated to KitKat 4.4 version ????? Tnx

  • Dale

    Hi everyone ! :-)

    How about Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 ????? Their will be updated to KitKat 4.4 version ????? Tnx

  • vijay

    When you will give kit kat ubgread for samaung galaxy s duos 2

  • vijay

    When my Samsung galaxy s duos 2 will receives the android kit kat ? Plz release as soon as possible……………………

  • jairuz

    Wil my galaxy s duos 2 s7582 receive kitkat update

  • Brawler

    I would really like it if samsung upgraded the trend plus aswell. Its a very good phone and its also new in the market(december 2013)

  • luis bohorquez

    Could anyone confirm to me that the S4 mini duos ( GT-I9192) will receive kit-kat?

  • please

    I hope of getting an kitkat update on my Galaxy S Duos 2. Please make it happen :)

  • Akshay

    s duos 2 is a phone which has android version 4.2.2 so there should a update for this phone 2 kitkat

  • Arnab Hazra

    Galaxy S Duos 2 should get the update of Kitkat as New Galaxy ace style have the same one

  • Rajiv

    Is Samsung galaxy s duos 2 getting kitkat upgrade????

  • mayuresh

    samsung galaxy trend should get the update of android kitkat 4.4.2

    • aftab ahmed

      Samsung is very lazy in providing updates for its products. If he not providing kitkat update for galaxy s duos 7562 I will never buy any Samsung product not recommend to any of my friend for it. There are many cheap and best mobile sproviding androidp

  • janardhan

    Make kit kat uptade for s dous 2 why are taking so much time customers are going to moto e

  • Arzail Alam

    When will samsung galaxy s duos 2 get kitkat android 4.4 update??? Im waiting to use it on mw own phone since my friend bought moto e….pls pls pls anyone reply…..i wanna use it.

  • Muhammed

    S duos 2 is the one of best phones i have ever used ever in my life.. it never hanged . And it can easily run Android 4.4.2 kitkat and Dear Samsung,

  • V

    Will Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos(GT-I9082) be getting an android 4.4 kitkat update ??

  • chethan

    Will Samsung Galaxy S Duos(GT-7582) be getting an android 4.4 kitkat update ??

  • mikey

    Im getting frustrated here….. Galaxy Light is on this list if I am not mistaken…. this is September going into October….. any ideas??

  • mikey

    Im getting frustrated here….. Galaxy Light is on this list if I am not mistaken…. this is September going into October…..

  • Shubham banekar

    Hi can you please give me the update for s duos 2 to 4.3 or 4.4

  • hazem

    The s duos 2 should have kikat upgrade.
    The s duos 3 has lower specs and has kitkat!!!!

  • hazem

    The s duos 2 should have kitkat.The s duos 3 has lower specs and has kitkat!!!!!!

  • manish dhiman

    samsung galaxy trand update 4.2.2