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Samsung releases KitKat source code for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3, update should follow soon

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera

Though KitKat has been out for quite a while, not many devices have received it. Outside of the Nexus devices and the Moto X, the latest version of Android has only begun to roll out to major flagships. Samsung has come far in its rollout, with most models already getting the update around the world. But the US is another story.

Currently, Sprint is ahead of everyone with these updates, and AT&T is right behind. However, it looks like T-Mobile is getting ready to release KitKat for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The company has already dropped the source code for this new update. When source code drops before an update, it means the update is finished and right around the corner.

Developers may be interested in checking out the source code, while regular users will just have to wait for the update to start rolling out. The update isn’t huge, bringing some UI tweaks and fixes, so don’t expect much. Tell us if you start receiving the update!

Via: TmoNews

Source: Samsung Open Source

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  • Hatim

    I’m Really hoping so..

    • Danl

      So do I, my 3 son’s have t-mobile and their HTC’s were updated last week.

      • Danl

        I have 2 more son’s with S4′s I have the Note 3, I guess I’m going to have to get my daughter a new S5 she had a S3 now.

  • Curtis

    It’s taking forever I hope it comes soon.

  • donger

    Bring it.

  • Paul Steverson

    I just checked for the update and it updated to build number N900TUVUMI9 and it was a 36mb update…

    • Paul

      Although Kit Kat isn’t a major update I believe it’s a larger file than the size you quoted.

  • hellomynameisjosue

    This got me so excited for nothing. Checked my update status and its up to date 4.3 jellybean…. smh

  • jonny

    I got mine yesterday for my note 3 seems to have improve performance at least a little. When I first got my note it was lightning fast and started to get a little slow but it seems to have gone back to how when I first got it for performance so I’m happy with it so far. I still need to explore for more difference bit so far that’s all I’ve noticed. I have it for sprint by the way. The update has been out for a few days but I haven’t gotten to it until last night because my wifi has been down, so I hope soon you other phone company users will soon get it.

    • Danl


    • Danl

      Are you in California?

    • hellomynameisjosue

      How did you get your update…. I checked for status earlier and nothing. ..

      • Ryder

        He has sprint

  • tonygreene113

    Why bother worrying about this when it really doesn’t enhance operability at all.

    • tmobilegetsverizon

      Operability, lol…

  • Andreas Hosemann

    this is why I don’t buy Samsung phones they always make you wait good luck

  • E-man

    I finally switched from Verizon because of the T-mobile promotion that pays your cancellation fee. I’m glad I’m about to receive this update after only having my phone for about a month. If I would have gotten the note 3 on Verizon, I’m certain I would have waited at least an year.

  • Kaleb

    It should have Google Wallet Tap and Pay support which will be good.

  • george

    I like note 3 and tmobile. but i really hate verizon. no kitkat update yet on the hand. cmon

  • Note3

    I havent gotten anything at all, why the long wait?

  • mohanmenonrahul

    What is kitcat?I’m using galaxy note3

  • mohanmenonrahul

    What is kitcat?I am using Samsung note3

  • mohanmenonrahul

    All ready comment posted

  • Joe Quinn

    I’m almost done downloading a 496MB OTA update on my TMO GN3 here in the Kansas City metro area. I manually hit the update software button in settings.

    Based on comments elsewhere it looks like it’s live nationwide in the US.