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Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 1 happening on Feb. 24, Galaxy S5 could be on tap


Looks like Feb. 24 could be a big day for Android. Why, you ask? Because that’s the day of Samsung’s Unpacked 2014 Episode 1 event!

Samsung announced tonight that its first Unpacked event of the new year will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on Feb. 24, which just so happens to be the day that Mobile World Congress will be kicking off in the same city. The event is scheduled to begin at 8:00 p.m. local time, which works out to be 2:00 p.m. Eastern. Samsung has included a link to its official YouTube channel in its announcement, suggesting that the event will be livestreamed for all to see.

Now that Samsung has made Unpacked 2014 Episode 1 official, it’s time to begin speculating about what the company may have up its sleeve for the event. We know that the Galaxy S5 is slated to make its debut sometime in the coming months, and the inclusion of the “5″ next to “Unpacked” certainly could be taken as a hint toward the next Galaxy S flagship. Samsung chose to unveil the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4 at events dedicated for each device, but the company has introduced new Galaxy S hardware at MWC in the past, so perhaps Samsung has decided to take advantage of the fact that most mobile journalists will already be in Barcelona at the end of February and will end up showing its next Galaxy S there.

What do you think Samsung has planned for Unpacked 2014 Episode 1?

Source: @SamsungMobile

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  • jerrbomb

    I’m not gonna lie.. For some reason I’m more excited about this device announcement than I have been about any other in a while.. It might s sound like fancy talk.. But I’m in the market to upgrade my note 3 soon.. I’m trying to put my finger on the one phone that I can just be absolutely content with for more than six months… The note 3 almost does it for me.. But kit quite..

    • Chris

      If you can find one smartphone and be content for more than 6 months then you’ll probably be the first. Just when you think you found the smartphone of all smartphones, they drop another one to make you rethink your decision. But like you, I too am quite excited to see the Galaxy S5.

      • jerrbomb

        Yeah.. I mean.. I haven’t been consistent with anything in a while.. I haven’t been satisfied with one phone and its features to say hey I’ll wait for its successor.. Instead its the phones cousins and competitors… Maybe the Galaxy S5 will change that as I had the S4 last year and though it was awesome.. The physical build disappointed me.. And with people confusing it with the S3 it really had me like “seriously?” so I’m using the Note 3 as my interim phone..

    • DevPunkâ„¢

      You selling your note3?

      • DevPunkâ„¢


    • Richard Yarrell

      The Galaxy S5 definitiely looks very good and YES it will sell well over 50 million. With the Sony Z2 and Lg G3 on the way it will be a pretty kool summer. My Galaxy Note 3 will be just fine till the Note 4 in October of 2014 as well as the Galaxy Gear 3.

      Nothing on the market today Feb 4th or in the NEXT 90 days will top the Note 3 it’s on a level all of it’s own that’s for sure…..

      • squiddy20

        “and YES it will sell well over 50 million”
        You’re kidding, right? The S4 only hit 40 mill in October, over 6 months after it’s release. There are rumors that Samsung will release the S5 early, directly because of low S4 sales numbers. The S3 before it only topped 50 mill in March, almost a whole year after it was released. What a joke.
        “With the Sony Z2 and Lg G3 on the way it will be a pretty kool summer.” Says the guy who trash talks any device/manufacturer that isn’t Samsung like it’s his only job. Could you be any more of a hypocrite?

      • Steam

        Shut the fuck up, you retarded loser. No one cares.

  • namesib

    I will be very disappointed jf they don’t keep the hardware buttons/removeable battery/microSD trinity.

    • Chris

      They’re most likely going to keep the SD card and removable battery. The physical buttons to software buttons, that might happen but I’d be surprised if that changes too. I guess we’ll just have to wait.

  • SGB101

    This year there doest seem to be the leeks and frenzy around the up and coming handsets. I’m just not interested by this, the 4 was a let down as was the note3. I think hardware hit good enough at the s3 era device.

    We haven’t had a leap in performance, (real word, not benchmarks) since 2012, so all companies added gimmicks. Let’s hope this year is different. 2013 was a let down, with only the moto G really putting a flag in the sand.

  • surethom

    I hope it is the S5 announcement but I think it will be the new Windows 8 phone then episode 2 in March/April for the S5?

  • Nasir Jamal Abbasi

    Galaxy S5 Will be
    The most advanced LCD 5″.
    4GB RAM.
    32GB Internal Memory.
    Memory card slot.
    Octa core 2.5mghz prosesor.
    20 Mega pixel camera Carl Zaire Lens.
    5 mega pixel front camera.
    Power full Flash Led.
    Remove able Battery More than 4600.
    Wireless charging.
    All types of sensors.
    Light weight less than130 grams.
    Led Indicator.
    Free multi media Bluetooth device.
    Totally tuch panel.
    Extra camera switch.
    Advance latest GPU.
    Android kit Kate.
    Motions working.
    Built in calls voice recorder.
    Biometric fingers print lock.
    Mobile trackor.
    And more more advanced batter than others mobile phones in market.

    • Seriously ?

      you must be dreaming .. you’re talking about releasing of the ultimate phone specs here
      then S5 will be last and only device as Samsung will shut the biz

  • donger

    Wait for the new Galaxy Note.