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See Project Ara’s history with latest Phonebloks video

Phonebloks Project Ara

The premise of the Project Ara/Phonebloks partnership is incredibly promising and exciting. A modular smartphone with swappable parts is a dream for many, and it seems like the dream is becoming reality. The latest update video from Phonebloks shows off the history of Project Ara, and where the team started.

Now that the Advanced Technology and Projects group is working under Google instead of Motorola, we might see Ara grow even faster. We’re going to be seeing a development conference in April, where the company will be showing off the alpha version of the device. The developer kit will also be released for manufacturers to get started on modules. And if the base price really is $50 without modules, this project really might succeed.

Obviously, we’re all excited about Project Ara. Creating our own phone, with each module hand picked to our taste, is something we’ve wanted for a very long time. We’re sure you’re just as excited as us about this, so tell us what kind of modules you want to see for Ara!

Via: Droid-Life

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  • Robairto

    -OIS f2.0 & big sensor
    -16 & 20mp
    -1080 or 2K screen also available in
    Galaxy Note size
    -front facing stereo speaker module
    -64 & 128gb storage
    -3 & 4gb memory available
    -octocore (if it’s more efficient)

    • Chuxter

      I love this idea. And speaking of “high end.” When it comes to modular phones, it makes sense that people would be willing to invest in some high end modules because they will be portable. Even if they make new/upgraded bases, you will be able to carry over a high end camera, for example.

      Often times, we buy ENTIRELY new phones which are minor upgrades in only a few areas. Perhaps the processor is slightly faster, but it has the same amount of RAM, disk, or even camera on certain models/upgrades.

      The trick will be to make Android dynamic enough to support such a dynamic and modular design.

    • Passerby

      That’s what I love about this concept!

      I don’t want 20 MPix camera, 6 inch 4K display and 8 cores or whatnot. I just want a camera with a huge OIS sensor, decent CPU an GPU to run it, some 4,5″-ish IPS display and a massive battery.

      But we can both be satisfied by the same device! Absolutely brilliant.

  • donger

    Can’t wait to see more.