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Spigen case claims compatibility with ‘Galaxy S5′ and ‘Galaxy S5 Prime’

Spigen Case Galaxy S5 Prime

Rumors about the existence of two Samsung Galaxy S5 models show no signs of slowing down. The latest info on the subject comes to us from an Amazon product page for a Spigen case. This case – which looks great – claims to be compatible with both the “Galaxy S5″ and the “Galaxy S5 Prime,” adding support to previous rumors.

Of course, product pages for cases don’t necessarily guarantee that said product exists. Spigen may not know the official name of the second model, or it may just be preparing itself based on the rumors that it’s heard. The fact that the case was posted to Amazon so soon is also strange since there’s no publicly-available information about the Galaxy S5.

If these rumors do turn out to be true, Samsung will have to educate people about the differences between the two models. Most people don’t even know the full name of the Galaxy S4, instead referring to it as the “Galaxy” or the “Galaxy 4.” With multiple models of the Galaxy S5, it could be even more difficult for some folks to understand the flagship status of the “Galaxy S5 Prime.”

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Source: Amazon

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  • BlazeHN

    The case have “Auto Focus” legend under the camera and dual LED slots, wich means maybe they will really make focus into the “camera focus” feature like the S5 Add word “focus” suggested. Wich means that maybe it will have a dedicated camera mode for Macro shots, (finally) wich was very needed since autofocus on S4/Note 3 for very close objects really sux compared to Nokia and HTC.

  • Nate B.

    I hope both have OIS.

  • remember 1-3 from last year?

    I can wait

  • xaml

    You should have a little bit more faith in mobile users. Except, of course, if the supposed lack of knowledge is expected to translate into a convenient justification for this very site.

  • redraider133

    Will be interesting to see come Monday. Interested if indeed they do have 2 models and which the US will get.

  • donger

    Good cases.

  • Hesham

    Spigen proved they were right, I loved their Slim Fit case but will be waiting for Neo Hybrid and LifeProof Nur befoer making my mind. They should be released soon according to http://www.galaxy-s5-cases.com

  • david
  • linda

    i like football very much.

  • the case s5 vogue

    This will not imply that you just ought to only get one particular as you could get quite a few colors to be changing normally based around the occasion as well as the outfit you may have on. The characteristics from the phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S five are also really crucial as folks have to have to get a thing practical to use.


  • waitandroid

    Can you tell me when Spigen release Galaxy S6 Cases?

  • waitandroid

    Can you tell me when Spigen release Galaxy S6 Cases?