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Sprint HTC One Android 4.4.2 update available for manual pull


Looks like HTC One owners in the Great White North aren’t the only ones enjoying a KitKat treat this weekend.

Sprint recently announced that the Android 4.4.2 update for its version of the HTC One is now available for customer initiated request ahead of the network rollout that’s scheduled to begin on Feb. 11. Several Sprint One owners are reporting that they’ve successfully downloaded the update, which brings with it a bump to Android 4.4.2 and HTC’s Sense 5.5 overlay, as well as security enhancements, Cloud Print Service support and more Bluetooth profiles for additional media interactions.

There were likely quite a few disappointed One owners after HTC’s recent announcement that it would miss its self-imposed end of January deadline for updating the U.S. carrier-branded versions of the One to KitKat. That delay turns out to be have been nearly non-existent for Sprint One users, though, and hopefully this is a sign that the updates for the other One models aren’t too far off.

In order to manually check for an update on the Sprint HTC One, grab your device and head into Settings > System updates > HTC software update > Check now. The update is a beefy one, weighing in at 535.78MB, but the time it takes to download and install it will seem worth it once you’re running Android 4.4.2 on your Sprint One before all of your One-toting friends.

After you’ve successfully installed the Android 4.4.2 update on your Sprint HTC One, be sure to stop by the comments section to let us know how it’s working for you!


Source: Sprint

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  • Sam

    I downloaded it yesterday and I gotta say I don’t see many changes on the phone I wanted to get the screen recorder bit it’s not there or at least I can’t find it I also wanted to get the step counter app but not there either I’m guessing those are only for stock Android. There’s a new photo gallery new music app and there the do not disturb option also and blink feed can be turned off now other than that I can’t find anything else that’s new

    • James

      The step counter is hardware based. Not software and is only available on the Nexus 5 as it is the only phone with a pedometre.

  • NellieAWoodland

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  • batlian

    Where is update

  • Cheeks

    I downloaded it today, works fine so far, not sure if the battery life is better, that’s all I care about, 4.3 killed my batter, you’re awesome sprint, never though I’d say that lol

  • gigi

    The kitkat update is pretty good. I love the subtle improvements and also fixed my proximity sensor issue.Speakers seem louder too. So far ,so good,it made my HTC One even better.

  • Jeff

    Battery life seems to be improved, snappier in overall performance. Biggest improvement is the ability to completely turn off BlinkFeed.

    It changed up location service alot though and seems to take longer to grab the GPS location and create a route to a specific address.

  • donger

    Download away.

  • Eric

    Just picked it up, keyboard is more responsive, predicted text and auto correct is better and things are all around better running and more smooth

  • tuny

    I need an update for my HTC velocity 4g.Any hope?,cause its needed please.

  • Carlos Lopez

    I noticed that I don’t have flash player anymore Wtf.

    • James

      Flash support ended for Android in 2012.

  • shahzeb ashiq


  • bachchan kathat


  • ymy

    Here is what I noticed:

    1.on lock screen: slide to the left, and you can add widgets
    2. The ability to edit the quick settings
    3. Slightly faster
    4. Can turn off Blink Feed
    5. Can add additional features to Blink Feed
    6. Additional features to the camera
    7. Improved Keyboard with nice emoticons
    8. Do not disturb function

    Here is what has yet to improve (on my phone)
    1. Still receiving data errors
    2. Battery life is just as bad
    3. Can’t replace Blink Feed screen with a blank home page
    4. very slow 3G

    In short, much hype and not much improvement.

    • Dave

      I have found that my Google voice to text hardly ever works now. There used to be a setting that allowed you to use it even when offline but this update removed it. All in all, I hate it so far.

    • joshua

      All my emote icons disappeared. Any reason for this?

  • Anthony

    Did the update also. I didnt like it one bit. Added all the HTC drive and storage crap to my phone. I really dont like my screen being locked either and the fact that I cant disable it sucks nor do I like the way it handles my pictures now either. I spent 2 hours disabling all the HTCcrap the update installed. I will never use Google HTC or any cloud service to backup my phone. If you do you might as well publish it all on the net anyhow. My phone is backed up to a machine at my home that is not on the internet.

    Does anyone know if it can be rolled back? I liked my phone better before this update.

    • wyn


  • Dan

    I noticed my HTC Fetch no longer works after the update. Anybody else with a Fetch with the same problem?

    • Dave

      Yes, mine stopped working too. I got onto HTC and they have no clue. Do you have any info?

      • Dan

        I just did a factory reset as per HTC support and that did not work, don’t bother trying that if they ask you. My symptom is the Fetch pairs with the phone but the “Find HTC Fetch” option is grayed out.

        • Dave

          Same here, grayed out controls. Waste of $35. The 4.2.2 update had Bluetooth enhancements, i’m sure that’s what killed the fetch. Cant understand why there’s not more chatter on the interweb??

          • Dan

            Hey, HTC just released an HTC Fetch app in the Google Play store. I still can’t get my Fetch to work with the built-in support with KitKat, but the app is working for me, both from the phone and the Fetch device. I am going to start using the app until/if HTC gets the problem fixed at the OS level, it looks like a good work-around and my Fetch is usable again.

  • bill foresman

    After running the update I’ve noticed my One is running faster and longer. Not sure what features have been added that mean anything but the improved performance is very noticeable!

  • Javad Zakerehendoabadi

    Update my mob

  • Matt

    Since the update, my battery barely charges. Even overnight, it can’t get a full charge.

  • kallan

    not sure why everyone elses updaate went fine but i did my update last week and it screwed up my phone BAD! it disabled some features on the htc sence key board ( micro phone/talk to txt) doenst work. and it wont connect to the router it used to download the update…iv had the sprint techs look at it for over 4hrs and do every reset imaginable, they finally decided to do the update on the stores demo htc one and the update did the same issues on theyr phone as well…rep said this was a major issue witht he update and its not just my phone. they have since ordered me a new htc one and said that they would list the issue on the board that the developers can see. anyone else having this issue at all?? check to see if your txt msg micro phone for txt to talk works or you can connect to the intitial router used in the install.

  • Brad

    Dont know what is going on with my phone but for the 1st time since having it, I hate it. Zoom is gone on the camera, it connects and disconnects from data connection without touching it, my smilies are gone from my keyboard, I use to 24-36 hrs worth of battery, now it last 10-12 hrs, camera pics are blurry, arrrgh.

    I hate updates, most of the time they cause more problems than they are worth. Starting to wish I had gotten the S4 like my wife.

    • Lvlf

      My phone also disconnects from data, I get these errors frequently ‘unable to establish wireless data connection’ I hate the new The battery life is horrible. After unplugging it from the charger at 100%, an hour later it was at 94%. As I typed this it went from 60% to 50%. The lock feature is back, hate it. The new Automatic connections/Optimizer is horrible.

    • Chris

      If it makes you feel better, Samsung routinely screws up as well. My mother, brother and one of my good friends have the S3. One of their recent updates totally ruined performance and battery life for unknown reasons on all of their phones.

      There’s a pretty massive thread on the Sprint forums, and as far as I know it’s still broken.

      The safest bet is a stock Android phone, but even those have had issues at times. But at least you know you’re going to get timely updates from Google.

      FYI, these are exactly the kind of comments I was looking for when I came to this story. I don’t care about new features. I need my phone to have good performance, be reliable, and an all day battery. I have been screwed too many times by updates in the past that have required me to roll back or wipe my phone, both of which are way too time consuming.

    • Eric

      I agree totally!! I am so pissed off right now with my phone, every time i have done a system update something else didnt work anymore, and 2 things, you cant roll back, and they force you to update by constantly popping up on your screen saying UPDATE Available!!!!! I had a serious kodak moment, and my camera wouldnt work right!!! so upset now!! I would have never got this phone if it worked like it does now!!! Sucks big time!!! I think we should join forces and demand a system downgrade to what we had before!!!!

    • Deji

      Got the purple hue on my htc One camera and it sucks… I really want to love the phone but finding it hard..

      • Frankensteen

        Deji- I had the same issue. Sprint told me was a known issue that can happen with the One, and they shipped me a replacement. Took only two days to receive it.

  • Smit

    My Htc One has no update I dont know why ? I am leaving in India in Mumbai but only me
    My another friend has updated his Htc one :’( poor Htc

  • Diana Thiel

    I updated last night, now it will not connect to WiFi. I’ve been on the phone with Sprint all morning, they can’t resolve it. Now what….

  • Oziel Pruneda

    Ugh.. HTC does it again. They used to be the hype of touchscreen phones when they initially came out. They somewhat broke off from that and I didn’t see why. The phones were always nice. Now, I see why. There updates suck. I didn’t really see much improvement on mine. What pissed me off even more was that the following day after the update was established, my vibration feature goes away. Now I have no vibration feedback. Tried everything to get it back. Anybody else experiencing this issue??

  • Cruz

    My WiFi connection after the update is crap, it kicks me out of the network

  • Yukei

    Htc one update 4.4.2 version its nothing is crap just like old version of 4.2 very slow cant connect to wifi fix this grrr..

  • Hectorious

    I downloaded kit Kat today…..and my battery sucks a big chunk a hunk now!! I can’t disable Google Play and it’s running several Google play apps. What the hec HTC?!

  • Gordon Swanson

    Nothing but problems since update. Battery sucks. Data Connection hardley works. So frustrating. Ready to get rid of this phone. I use a hot spot for my computer at work can’t even do that now. Data terrible

  • imhigh024

    Why is it now that I’ve updated to android 4.4.2 kitkat on my HTC one 32g my camera does not have a zoom or even a zoom option now as before the update the zoom meter was automatically on the screen anytime you opened the camera.. anyone else notice this?

  • Rick A.

    My main problem with the update is the Connections Optimizer. Sometimes when I’m on data connection and the phone detects a random wireless network nearby, the Connections Optimizer screen pops up, interrupting whatever I might have been doing on the phone at the time, just to tell me that I’m not authorized to use the newly-detected wireless network. I’ve tried everything to turn it off but it keeps popping up when it shouldn’t. Super annoying.

  • Eric

    Hey is anyone out there having bad issues with kitkat update??? I know I am! and if you are? lets demand a rolback !!Please let me know your issues, and we will get this straitened out!!

  • telana

    Where the hell is my “enable flash player” option when I search the web?! I can’t listen to some music engines on the internet bc of this. So far it totally sucks. Want the old version back asap

  • LittleN

    I downloaded it today, I had the WiFi issues earlier and I fixed those but charging takes a very long time and battery drains heaps. So not happy.

  • Rscuda

    I updated my phone about a week ago and so far the new interface for my gallery and music interfaces are more annoying. The flash player no longer work on my browser, including some videos from YouTube. This is really annoying and in no way an improvement from the previous setup.

  • Tori

    I am very annoyed. This new update keeps trying to connect or does connect me to any available WiFi and I can’t find an option to turn off this automatic connect. It’s driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!! HELP! why can’t we be forewarned about changes to system updates? And I noticed, I think with a past update, I have random apps like Pay newstand, Play books…what is this nonsense? and I have Twitter and get notifications for it but I don’t have an icon for it anywhere! The only way I can open it is if I click on a notification.

    The only good thing so far is that the emergency call button is no longer below the keypad to put in your security phone lock code.


  • Renard

    after updating to 4.4.2 my HTC ONE has about 1,5 seconds lag when answering calls… any of you noticed this ?