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T-Mobile bringing tablet-sized changes to JUMP!


T-Mobile has been in the habit of shaking up the market, and it seems as though its February 23 announcement will be no exception. After info leaked out yesterday regarding changes to T-Mobile’s JUMP! program, T-Mobile has confirmed that those tweaks will indeed be put in place on February 23. These changes are pretty significant, so let’s dig right in.

The first major alteration is that the six-month upgrade waiting period will be abolished, meaning that there’s no requirement to keep your phone for a certain amount of time before you upgrade. T-Mobile is also removing the limit on how often you can upgrade. If you want to, you could theoretically upgrade every month. To do this, you’d simply need to trade in your current phone and pay off half of its original value, and T-Mobile will cover the other half.

The final change is the inclusion of tablets into JUMP!. This isn’t surprising, as carrier-branded tablets are becoming increasingly popular. This change could easily convince more people to purchase tablets and upgrade to new models more frequently.

We can’t be sure how any of these changes will affect T-Mobile’s sales and the number of customers enrolled in JUMP!, but we’re excited to see what they lead to, especially because of the changes that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have been rolling out due to T-Mobile’s drastic changes. If you want to read T-Mobile’s official statement, you can check out the press release below.

Do any of these changes excite you?

Show Press Release
T-Mobile sparked a revolution in the wireless industry in 2013, beginning with the elimination of service contracts and a call for ‘Contract Freedom.’ Our innovative JUMP! handset upgrade program is an important cornerstone of our Un-carrier movement, and soon (starting February 23) you will be able to upgrade as many times as you like:

Whenever you’re ready to upgrade, trade in your device and T-Mobile will pay your remaining device payments up to 50% of the device cost. There is no more waiting period or limit to the number of times you can upgrade per year.

And we didn’t stop there — we’ve also added tablets to the program! We’re excited about how these program enhancements give our customers even more freedom to upgrade when they want, instead of when they’re told.

The old-guard carriers all tried to follow our lead last year, but none can match the variety of freedoms we provide to our customers with JUMP!

Source: TmoNews

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    Awesome ! As usual T-Mobile rules mobile !

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    I swear ever day im falling more and more in love with tmobile, im so glad I switched from at&t.

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    T-Mobile is truly being the most innovative “un-carrier” ever.

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    Go T-mobile.

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    trash carrier

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    Present details of new JUMP is not exciting me because it don’t offer any additional benefit joining JUMP while AT&T and Verizon offers discounts in service plans…… see http://www.telecomvibe.com