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T-Mobile HTC One now receiving Android 4.4.2 update


We were a bit skeptical when we heard that the T-Mobile HTC One would receive its KitKat update this week, but we’re pleased to announce that the latest update is now available for download. If you have yet to receive the update notification on your T-Mobile HTC One, go to Settings > Phone Update > Check for Update > Download Now. The T-Mobile HTC One Android 4.4.2 update also included HTC Sense 5.5. users should expected to see dozens of fixes throughout the phone with major improvements to Video Highlights BlinkFeed, the HTC keyboard which now included hundreds of emoji and the standard NFC Tap & Pay, cloud printing and Bluetooth profiles features from 4.4.2

The AT&T HTC One is the only major service provider in the US which has not yet released the Android 4.4.2 update for the HTC One. Your move AT&T. We’re waiting.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • 50% of americans live on food stamps, yet they call themselves wealthy nation

    t-mob is the most unpopular carrier, they attract the bottom. and htc is almost bankrupt. just sayin.

    • Namaste

      You’re so wrong about that. They’ve actually increased their subscribers with outside the box marketing and getting rid of traditional pricing and contracts. You can also upgrade anytime you want. They pay for you to leave your current carrier as well and pay a portion of your etf fees. And guess where most of those Americans on foodstamps live? In GOPTeaparty controlled Red states. America is a wealthy nation. Just most of wealth is controlled by a small group of greedy selfish individuals that have no compassion for their fellow Americans. And think their wealth makes them better and smarter than the rest.America’s wealth inequality is the reason we have so many on foodstamps. People like you denigrate people that need assistance or help. You;re part of whats wrong with the country and why people around the world hate us and think we’re so backwards by letting our own people and country starve.

      • Neal

        I agree with you….

    • Curtis

      shut up dickhead, you just sound stupid.

  • CTown

    If you have to fully buy your phone outright on T-Mobile, one would think that their devices should update as fast as the international versions. Well, perhaps a little later is OK as T-Mobile does let you pay your phone using an interest-free installment plan.

  • donger

    Happy camper.

  • Agent

    I’m annoyed that the HTC Share/Video Highlights feature seems to have reduced the number of themes available. I would buy more if HTC made them.

  • brownz

    Lol @ CTown, the ads are targeted based on your browsing history and cookie information.

    • CTown

      I doubt that, the ads are actually pretty random. I stopped deleting my cookies so I can stop getting such random ads (the privacy related news made me paranoid for a while – pretty much for no reason). I mostly like to read websites like Ars, the Verge, Phoronix (which isn’t the best writing but it has summaries on many different open-source mailing lists) and I also like Planet KDE.

  • bilalshaikh


  • Henry

    Why 4.4.2 removed adobe flash player from default browser? Also the camera is pink on low light. Any others are great upgrat. Now I begin to use chrome instead default browser. Hope I am going to love chrome.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      flash was removed because the default browser now uses the same base as Chrome which does not support Flash

  • melissa

    As a former verizon customer, I can attest to the fact that T-Mobile is 100% WAY BETTER:) Verizon wireless charged my husband and myself EXORBITANT AMOUNTS of money for non-existent service in Carmel Valley, CA!! Verizon billing is shrouded in secrecy and the whole idea of not being able to upgrade phones for two yrs is OBSOLETE!! As far as comments posted here on the current downfall of America, that is ENTIRELY DUE TO THAT FOREIGNER NAMED OBAMA AND HIS HAPLESS SUPPORTERS!!! I live in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS and last yr alone there was a surplus of 12 billion dollars DUE TO THE SIMPLE FACT THAT TEXAS IS A RED STATE THAT DOES EVERYTHING OPPOSITE OF WHAT OBAMA PONTIFICATES UP IN D.C.;) California is bankrupt due to LIBERALISM and Texas is ENJOYING A 12 BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS FOR LAST YR ALONE DUE TO CONSERVATISM!!!

    • You Troll

      Majority of what your expressing has NOTHING to do with the article or even the phone. WHY even bother?

  • guest

    I just got the update on my AT&T phone in VA

  • Whoovian17

    My AT&T HTC ONE Just Got The Update I Had To Do it Manually But I Got It Here In Washington

  • Brandon

    AT&T has rolled out the update. Just downloaded it for htc one

  • Curtis

    lmao . .what do you say to that.

  • Anthony

    AT&T now receiving the update. Downloaded and running right now

  • LocdoGg

    T Mobile has not released the update…

    • Romdude

      Apparently some people are already getting it and they are on t-mobile. I was told by t-mobile rep that it might be going in order but it is up to HTC to send it out. Since I got my htc one pretty late, I hope I’m not last in line.

      • LocdoGg

        I don’t usually have to wait as I’m rooted and s-off but I want to stick with the t mobile original Rom and firmware… as soon as it’s posted on xda-developers.com I’ll be updated but so far it must be a small group of people getting it because there are no roms up on xda from the t mobile kitkat version

  • J

    Haven’t received it. HTC used to have the manual download on their website, but it looks like they have stopped doing that.