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The Play Store web interface now shows if app has in-app purchases


In-app purchases are despised by many. The freemium model lets people download free games, then allows them to spend money infinitely to play them. Instead of one payment and having a full game, you may be paying something every day. Of course, you don’t have to pay, but games like that suck people in. That’s why many are so against them.

To aid those against the freemium model, Google has made the Play Store app display when an app has in app-purchases available inside. It’s a useful tool, and it has finally come to the web interface. Now, when you’re surfing the Play Store on your computer, you can watch out for in-app purchases efficiently.

Unfortunately, this system does not tell you what kind of IAPs these are or how much they cost. It would be far more useful to see if there is only one IAP removing ads or a dozen that cost over $50. But this is a great first step. Tell us, do you have something against in-app purchases or the freemium model? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

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  • Ikei

    This has been like this for a while

  • mikeg520

    This is great ,

    I auto Skip any app or game that has In-app purchases no matter how good it may be if i see In-app purchases i skip it and do not even think about downloading any future apps from that company.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      There are a few games you should definitely give a chance, those without in game currency you can buy. Some games just have one in app purchase to get rid of ads, which is a great addition in my opinion. But with most games, good choice.

      • Matt

        Some also have it just to bypass certain things you can earn like hints or power ups or ‘cheats’. Developers would be smart to be totally upfront in their descriptions. I’d think that would be preferable to negative reviews

    • SGB101

      I don’t mind the games with in app payments, as long as you they are not needed to play, and are an option for those that want to progress quicker

      I will not keep handing over cash to progress, but if I find I am still playing a freemium game after week I will usually buy a $3 package to support the dev, then once a month if still playing I’ll spend another $3 or so.

      I have been playing rr3 for about a year, and spent about £15, not cos I need to, cos I want to. Not bad for over 50hours of gaming.

    • Joe Williamson

      This is a shame. I wish to add only the option to remove ads in my game, but I am concerned about how many people this will drive away. Should I not include an option to remove ads?

  • donger

    Yes, great addition.

  • vivek201

    you don’t say…

  • Matt

    I despise IAP. Have a free & paid version if you must. Many paid apps even have in app purchases.

  • mdziaualla

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